[bc-gnso] Announcing that the BC will meet with the 2013 Nominating Committee members and Chair/Chair-Elect in Toronto - date and time to be confirmed/Background Reports for Nominating Committees - 2011, 2010, 2009 [2012 will be available soon]

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Just an additional data point when you and the rest of the ExeCom respond to
my previously inquiry.


There is supposed to be a Big Business and Small Business representative
serving on the NomCom.  You have indicated that Ron is representing large
businesses and associations, however, I believe RNA Partners is a small
business.  Could you confirm that there were no large business


Best regards,










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Subject: [bc-gnso] Announcing that the BC will meet with the 2013 Nominating
Committee members and Chair/Chair-Elect in Toronto - date and time to be
confirmed/Background Reports for Nominating Committees - 2011, 2010, 2009
[2012 will be available soon]


 Dear BC Members


The BC will meet with the 2013 Nominating Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, and
our own appointees, and hopefully other members of the 2013 NC in Toronto.


We are finalizing time slots, but at present, it appears that Monday, during
our lunch time session, or Wednesday, during our lunchtime session are the
available time slots

for our full BC members. We will try to confirm one of these asap. In any
case, if that does not work, we will work out a different time to interact
with the full BC attendance. 


In the meantime, we all have homework to do on this important topic.  


For some of our BC members, the NC is perhaps a new item for discussion, so
I'll suggest that we use our list to exchange views and perspectives and
share information.


We are very fortunate that we have several current BC members with past
experience on the NC, including:


Mike Roberts

Phil Lodico

Marilyn Cade

Waudo Siganga

Sarah Deutsch

[apologies if I have missed anyone]

*Some other NC reps no longer are BC members due to having made job changes
- Graham Forsyth and Chris Martin, as examples. Another BC rep has retired
and declined my efforts to recruit him as 'emeritus' participant. :-) 


Some of our members are relatively new, and I thought that you might want to
have some discussion on a few background items: 

Possible exchange of view topics: 


What does the NomCom do? Why is it important? Who appoints the Chair? What
reforms were instituted based on its last Review? Did the ATRT affect the
NomCom and if so, how? 

Have those improvements been put in place?  

What criteria should the NomCom apply for selection of its appointees? Why?
What transparency and accountability 

mechanisms guide the NomCom's work? 


The BC has just announced its two participants in the 2013 Nominating
Committee.  While they will carry participation inside the NC, all BC
members should be aware of and concerned

about the Nominating Committee's functions.   I hope we can demystify what
it is, and why it is  important to understand for our broader BC membership.
Appointees to the NC do not represent a Constituency, but work
independently, once appointed. This is a hard, and responsible role for all


The Nominating Committee carries a high degree of responsibility, but at
present is still working to implement the recommendations of the ATRT. 


I want to call all BC members attention to critically important background
about past NC reports and bylaw and code of conduct.


information about the Nominating Committee -- see below. 


The 2012 Report is not available, but I have assurances from the 2012 Chair
of the NC that it will

be available shortly. I will be sure it is posted to the full BC at that


While the following are 'required' reading for our two appointees, some of
the rest of us will be interested, so I am sharing with all. 


Other Background Materials: 
 2011 Report

 2010 Report
 2009 Report 

 In addition to the Bylaws and reports listed above, the following documents
are reviewed and updated as necessary for each NomCom and may also be useful

 Nominating Committee Procedures

 Nominating Committee Guidelines

Nominating Committee Code of Conduct


Thanks for your ongoing participation in the BC and your participation in
the ICANN governance issues.  ICANN governance improvements strengthen the
BC's ability to encourage others from business to support and engage in
ICANN and to participate in the BC. 


Marilyn Cade, BC Chair

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