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I didn't hear any discussion along those lines. The transcript will be clear, I think. The Chair said that the CSG and she supported relying on election results, described her own research and familiarity with past selection process (whether election or seconm$ent not mentioned) and discussed the considerations by BC members. 

Maybe wait for transcript if anyone missed call? 

I mentioned that there is now a lot more published information from the NC for this year, available for all BC members to review. Which is an improvement to past available information. I think that was all that was discussed on the BC call. 

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Thanks for that clarification J Scott. Not having been on the call I had not understood that there was discussion about manipulating the results to achieve diversity and obviously agree with you there.

Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot as a group. Let's get the right reps first, and then worry about fine tuning.


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I agree with you about geographic diversity.  I think we should most definitely strive for it.  That said, I do not think the Excom should manipulate election results in order to do so.  If we are concerned about this issue, perhaps we should change our bylaws to have the reps. nominated by the membership (including self-nomination) and then having the Excom appoint them to ensure a more controlled effort to reach the desired diversity and then have membership ratify the selections.

J. Scott

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I want to also apologize for not making today's call. I was also traveling and although I had arranged my travel around this call, I ended up being delayed and unable to join.

To J Scott's point about the NomCom, having given this some thought I agree that we should aim for two reps that are truly representative of their business areas. As was discussed before on this list, we as a group are fortunate to have two reps so we should make sure we provide the NomCom with appropriate candidates from those two business sectors (large and small).

I'm afraid I can't agree with the geo diversity argument however. To me, the need for geo diversity within ICANN is to make sure that regional representation is real, not theoretical. I would have no problem trusting a US rep to represent my views for example, but would still rather there was an actual slot for a European if possible. If no European is available to fill that slot, and a US rep is, then fine. But I think it should work in that order.

Sorry if I misunderstood the point. There was obviously some heated discussion during today's call so I certainly do not want to add to it.



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Dear  All:

I am sorry that I could not make the call today.  Y! Pride and a husband that has to catch a plane have me committed elsewhere.

However, I do want to chime in on the NomCom issue.  First, I think I have been crystal clear about the absolute need to have a large business representative and a small business representative from the respective groups in order to maintain the credibility of these two separate seats for the BC.  Second, as for geographic diversity, I do not think that we need to manipulate the results of any election to have geographic diversity.  I think it is incumbent upon the elected NomCom reps to remember to reach out to non-North American BC members to ensure that we are serving our entire membership in the appropriate manner.  That point should go for any position for which we designate a BC member to serve.

Lastly, I want to call out Marilyn Cade for behavior that I find totally offensive.  Her repeated attempts to assassinate the character of Sarah Deutsch for her previous service to the BC on the NomCom is totally unfounded and offensive.  I had the honor of serving with Sarah on the NomCom as the IPC representative.  I can, without hesitation, say that Sarah served the BC with honor and fought hard to get good candidates selected to all the positions.  What is truly sad is how hard Sarah fought and how Marilyn, who was then Chair, has failed to acknowledge Sarah's service.  I know some may not appreciate my being so direct on the list, but I think it is time we openly discuss Marilyn's unprofessional behavior on this point.  I respect Marilyn and appreciate all she has done and continues to do for business, but on this issue she is simply wrong.

J. Scott

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