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The thanks sentence was intended for Chris!

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Dear all!

I join everyone in thanking you so much for your work.

We are sorry that we won't be able to make it for the call. Celia and I are in an event with Vanda Scarterzini as speaker (for those who know her) organized by eInstituto and Mercosur Digital for cross border ecommerce -with Governments-.

We will read transcripts and share our views through email.

Thank you
Gabi and Celia
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Dear Members,


Thanks Elisa,  Ayesha, Ron, Stephane and Excom for the supportive comments.


On this afternoons member’s call I will do a very brief overview  of the
ICANN FY14 Draft Budget just published.


Although not necessary for the call you might want to download a copy of the
budget here.










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