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Dear Members 



Here are some notes on the FY14 Draft Operating Plan and Budget was published a few days early on May 10.

Comments close 31 May and reply 21 June ahead of special Board meeting to approve on 28th June.

FY14 starts 1 July.  


Link to document.

 <http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/op-budget-fy14-10may13-en.htm> http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/op-budget-fy14-10may13-en.htm


This year has been very different from previous as the new CEO has implemented a new project management system called ATASK.

Finance Staff have been busy setting this up and inputting data. 

As a result there was no Framework Budget in February so the info in the draft Budget is new to the community.

The format this year is different, instead of 80 pages of document  it is more 12 pages of glossy introduction and the rest tables.  



Highlights – High level




General revenue forecast is 76m$  slightly down on budget of 78m$  (71m$ in FY12 Forcast)
Plus gTLD at  174m$  up from  an original 61m$    (this is loading for non batching)



General revenue budget is 88m$     ( historic transaction vols are -1% this is up due to 2.5 million .com contract change, 4 meeting sponships,  New gTLD domain sales income in 7m).


Plus gTLD at applications  98 m$ 


Operating Expenses



Operating Expenses forecast  68m$   against  74m$ in FY13  Budget  from  71m$ in FY12 Budget and 63m$ in FY12 Forcast

ie FY13 expenses are again significant under budget

large 30m to reserves



84 m$   plus 57$ for new gTLD


Staff levels

Last year I reported Staff levels up from 149 to 189
FY13 forcast is average 179  and end of year 233

FY14 Budget is average 259 and end of year 284


Highlights – Low Level 


Here diving into ATASK 


Take information descriptive from myicann.org  -  ‘projects’ tag  


Projects Structure of Objectives – Goals – Portfolios – Programs

at the lowest level we have 160 ‘programmes’ which replaced the old  projects 


There is information of expenses in this xls 


Where you can see the 160 programmes (same as those in (myicann.org) with  all expenses broken down into Personnel, Travel, Prof Services, Admin


Problem for us now is that programmes are different from projects, so any year on year comparison is impossible. 

I  struggle a bit with the programme titles which read to me more like job descriptions than projects.


I think the work ahead in the BC comment is to go through the 160 programmes and ask ourselves what is this?   If we don’t understand  pose the question.


As an example:



Compliance  -   60%  up to 6.1 m$ in FY13  from  4.8 m$ in FY12 Budget and 3.8 m$ in FY12 Forecast


FY14  - 11 programes

CC meeting updates  157k$

CC Monthly updates 0

CC  Other programmes  571 k$

CC Complaint Processing and Monitoring Activities  1473 k$

CC Audit Programme 1115 k$

CC Contract and policy driven iniciatives   103 k$ 

CC New gTLD programme readiness    162 k$

CC Outreach   0$

Improve CC programme   0$

CC Annaul report      0$

Total  3.5 m$


To answer Ron’s question again, looking at the historical perspective. I looks more like the large increase in compliance  that we celebrated last year did not happen. 

FY12 Budget was    4.8m    

FY12 Forecast was  3.8m    (need to research actual) 

FY13 Budget was    6.9 m    

FY13 Forecast was  not reported?

FY14 Budget  3.5m 


To point Andrew in the right direction for progress on Regional initiatives.

(and as a great example for all to try):


In myICANN.org projects

Select “Internationalization”

In Fadi’s Goals select “Engage Stakeholders globally”

In Sally’s Portfolios   select “Engage Stakeholders Globally” and Tarik’s program “Implement Regional Strategies”

In Sally’s Portfolios   select “Regional initiatives, Including centres of Excellence”  and Sally’s program “Development and implement standard office infrastructure”


Turning to the xls  


for each program we can see the expenditure breakdown.

Using the above example

program “Implement Regional Strategies”  5.5m$

program “Development and implement standard office infrastructure”  99.340$   (in xls programme  “Other Programs for Regional Initiatives, including Centers of Excellence”


So it looks loke 5,5m$ which probably was not in last year but who knows?


And Andrews second Outreach question.

One would best go through the xls searching on the word Outreach for all the occurrences and investigate them one by one.


Hope this is helpful

Any comment or request  for more elaboration in a particular area most welcome.


Any volunteers to review the 160 programms and either

Ask question what  it is?

Opinion on high or low figure from BC perspective, comparing to previous years where possible.


There has not been much interest from the CSG work group this time around.

Angie and Gabi had been interested in this subject  last year so  I am hoping that it might continue.




Chris Chaplow

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