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Wed Oct 30 17:23:12 UTC 2013


Dear BC Members,


Please find below an invitation for the Community to join two webinar
sessions on Friday, Nov. 8th, 2013 with ICANN Senior Executives, following
the IGF which took place in Bali. All details regarding the two sessions can
be found below, including the dial in details.


Kind Regards,


Benedetta Rossi

BC Secretariat

bc-secretariat at icann.org







Internet Governance Webinar Conversation Opportunity With ICANN Senior


Dear SOAC Leaders;


Based on recent discussions within the broader community and your feedback
over the past couple of weeks regarding the Montevideo statement,  we think
it would be most useful to have a community call before everyone departed
for the ICANN Public Meeting in Buenos Aires to discuss recent Internet
governance developments - specifically the Montevideo statement - and plans
for a broader Internet stakeholder meeting in Brazil next year.


Fadi has had or is planning a few individual conversations with community
groups, but we thought some broader community engagement opportunities with
ICANN senior executives would also be helpful so that Fadi, Tarek and
Theresa could:


Provide background and context of the recent I-Star discussions leading to
the Montevideo statement;

Explain the Board/Staff partnership in this effort;

Explain what has been done to date and share perceptions of the recent
IGF-Bali meeting; and

Highlight next steps/prep plans for Brazil next April.


As a result, we have arranged for two community webinars scheduled for next
Friday, 8 November at 1200 UTC and 1900 UTC so that the team can share its
thoughts and field community questions and comments.  We are scheduling two
separate sessions to cover the global geographic spread of the community and
hope that you will be able to share information about the opportunity with
your communities.  


Each session will be an hour long and any questions or comments that the
team can't get to on the calls will be saved for further discussion in
Buenos Aires.


The call details are as follows:  Adigo Conference Bridge No.  Conference
ID: 45151321; Adobe Connect:   <https://icann.adobeconnect.com/icann-soac>


To help the team prepare for the sessions, please feel free to share any
pre-session questions that you have with me.  I will pass them on to the
ICANN Strategy Team in preparation for the sessions.


Best regards,




David A. Olive

Vice President, Policy Development Support
General Manager, ICANN Regional Headquarters -Istanbul


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Hakki Yeten Cad. Selenium Plaza No:10/C K:5

34349 Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey 


Tel: +90.212.381.8727 - Fax: +90.212.381.8731 - Mobile: +1. 202.341.3611




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