[bc-gnso] BC Officer Elections: Nominations now open

Benedetta Rossi bc-secretariat at icann.org
Thu Jan 30 12:39:44 UTC 2014

Dear BC Members,

Please note that this is the announcement for the BC Officer elections 2014.
The election process opens today, Jan. 30th, 2014. The election will be
conducted by myself, BC Secretariat, fulfilling the role of Voting Officer
for the duration of the election process. For the election process, all
communications regarding elections and nominations will go to this email
address:  <mailto:bcvotes at hotmail.com> bcvotes at hotmail.com. If members wish
to nominate a member to stand for a position on the BC list, please ensure
you also copy the BC Votes email address to ensure the nomination is valid.

Any questions about the elections, eligibility or the process can be sent to
the Secretariat:  <mailto:bc-secretariat at icann.org> bc-secretariat at icann.org

The attached election procedure covers:
.    time-frames for the three stage process outlined in the BC Charter
.    who is eligible to nominate, or accept a nomination
.    candidate statements
.    when the elections will be held,
.    as exception: ties in any election

Please note that the nomination period opens today, Jan. 30th, 2014, and
will close in two weeks, on Feb. 13th, 2014. 

The detailed description of the Elections and Voting process is provided in
the attached document so that all members are fully informed of the
Elections Process and can avail themselves fully of the opportunity to
nominate or stand for office, and vote, if eligible.  

Once again, please refer to the attachment for the full details regarding
this election.

Transmitted by the BC Secretariat:  Benedetta Rossi, serving as Voting



Kind Regards,


Benedetta Rossi

BC Secretariat

bc-secretariat at icann.org





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