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Dear Monika,

Sorry for the delayed feedback. I find a bit hard to make very concrete
comments on the outline at the current stage because the topics are
mentioned in broad terms, so the actual content could take different
directions. Maybe as the writing evolves you could fill the outline with
bullet points that show the progression of your arguments. At this point,
the overview looks great and very connected to what we need in this
particular moment. It was clear from the discussion of the charter that
there is room for building knowledge and understanding of what CSR and a
human rights approach mean in ICANN.

 Please see some very general and initial comments below.

> *Corporate and Social Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: Practical Recommendations
> for ICANN *
> 1. Introduction
> 2. The Internet Specific CSR- HR Considerations
I would just be careful not to be caught between the narratives of an
"exceptionalism" of the Internet and the approach that says the Internet is
just new wine in old bottles.

> 3. Learning from Others: How the Human Rights Policies Have Been
> Implemented in Other Organizations

Great point to help us move forward. Which orgs do you have in mind?

>     3.1.Insights from IHRB Report & Sample HR Policies
>     3.2. Insights on CSR-HR as they relate to
>                 a) freedom of expression
>                 b) data protection and privacy

Would "a" and "b" be the sample policies mentioned above, which would be
analyzed/compared accross different organizations?

>     3.3.Internet specific CSR_HR initiates/projects, each as, e.g., Silicon
>         Valley Standard, Global Network Initiative

An interesting initiative that I came accross recently was the Center for
information Policy Leadership (CIPL) http://www.informationpolicycentre.com/,
a think tank composed by members of large companies (not all, but many of
them related to the Internet scenario, such as Google, IBM, Apple, FB. The
general goal seems to be to create knowledge and good practices that would
support better policy development. One important focus of their work is

>     3.4. Lessons for ICANN
> 4. Fitting CHR-HR mechanisms/policies into ICANN Context/Policy process;
>     4. 1. Short-term/ad hoc measures
>     4. 2. Long-term continuous procedures/mechanisms in place

Is it possible to do 4.2 at this stage and without a careful mapping of the
issues and weak points in terms of procedure in ICANN? It seems to me that
topic 5 (below) is a precondition to 4.2 and maybe to 4.3.

>            4. 3. HR impacts assessments & how that could be implemented in
>                 ICANN.
> 5. Examples of/Potential Areas/Policies Where CSR-HR Needs to Be
> Implemented
>      This could include one or both:
>      5.1. Some broad naming of problematic areas; and/or
>      5.2. Closer look/case study on specific policy (e.g., the UDRP - to
> go to, e.g., in the Annex?);

Both would be relevant. I miss a careful look on procedural aspects that
could help to identify the best procedural moments and mechanisms to
intervene. That would require someone with very strong knowledge of ICANN´s

> 6. Conclusions/Recommendations
Thank you Monika. This will be great. Looking forward!


> Will be waiting for Your ideas and suggestions,
> Best wishes
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