[cc-humanrights] Introduction to the mailing list

Vipul Kharbanda vipul.kharbanda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 08:40:27 UTC 2015

Hello All,

My name is Vipul Kharbanda and I am probably the newest entrant on this
list. I would also be contributing to the work being done through this
mailing list and therefore thought that I should introduce myself to

I am a lawyer by qualification, I graduated law school in 2007 and worked
in a corporate law firm in India for about 2 years. I am currently a
consultant with the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore,. This is
probably my first foray into ICANN and its working since my background is
mostly in work related to privacy laws in India. However I shall try to
contribute in whatever way possible to the working and products of this

Warm Regards

Vipul Kharbanda

Consultant, Centre for Internet and Society
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