[cc-humanrights] ICANN and Human Rights conf call summary - 22 Jan

HIBBARD Lee Lee.HIBBARD at coe.int
Thu Jan 22 14:12:17 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Stefania, Niels, Marilia and Rafik for being on today’s conf call which can be summarised as follows:

-          29 Jan deadline for preparing near-final drafts of the FAQ (Stefania) and the paper on corporate social responsibility of ICANN with respect to human rights (Niels, Monika) – written comments should be sent to them asap (preferably before Sunday),

-          From 29 Jan onwards, contacts made with ACs and SOs (Rafik) – their general buy-in and participation in the meeting are central to a balanced discussion in Singapore,

-          Draft agenda items include: Welcoming words (Fadi? Marilia and Rafik to follow-up) + intro/framing/explaining why we are here (Marilia, Rafik) + Corporate responsibility of ICANN to respect human rights? (Monika) + Open discussion on moving the process forward (moderator TBD); wrap-closing remarks + moderators(s) TBD [Niels and Lee?]

-          Flyer/agenda for meeting (Stefania, Niels),

-          Next conf call scheduled for Fri 30 Jan 13:00 CET, including discussion on outreach and ensuring balanced participation in the meeting

Regards Lee

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Subject: [cc-humanrights] ICANN and Human Rights conf call summary - 16 Jan

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Marilia, Niels, Stefania and Rafik for joining yesterday’s conf call which is summarised as follows:

-          The ICANN and Human Rights meeting at ICANN53 in Singapore will take place in room “Sofia” on Wed 11 Feb, from 10:30-12:00,

-          ICANN and Human Rights follow-up paper, done by Niels and Monika, being reworked, UDRP removed and focus in Ruggie principles. Emphasis on policies and their implementation was stressed,

-          Contact all SOs and ACs to: (i) share papers, (ii) arrange bilaterals before the meeting, and (iii) invite them to the meeting…and to send this info to the mailing list (thanks Rafik),

-          Next conf call on 22 Jan (see below) – to discuss draft version of the paper and agenda of meeting inc moderation etc.

Regards Lee

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Hello everyone,
Please find attached the conf call dial-in details for those participating in calls today and this Thursday as mentioned below.
Many thanks to Nicolas from the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) for arranging the calls.
Speak soon.

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Subject: ICANN and Human Rights conf call summary - 16 Jan

Thanks to Marilia, Stephanie, Niels, Susan, and Stefania for joining me on today’s conf call.

I would summarise the discussion as follows:

-          Conf call on 20 Jan 13:00-14:00 CET to discuss scope and other elements for a draft charter of a cross-community working group (Marilia, Stephanie, Lee, Avri?, Stefania? agreed to participate on call).

-          Conf call on 22 Jan 13:00-14:00 CET to discuss progress in preparing/finalising: (i) the FAQ (Joy), (ii) summary of the CoE paper (Marilia, Stephanie, Susan), (ii) applied scenarios paper (Niels, Monika).

-          Securing the date, time and place of the meeting room, during ICANN52, on the drafting of a charter for a CCWG (Rafik, Niels).

-          Apprising colleagues from ALAC, GNSO, ccNSO, GAC, SSAC, NCSG about progress on ICANN and human rights, and secure their availability for a conf call during the week of 2 Feb to discuss their views on this and public interest, accountability issues etc (All).

For reference I attach the working docs so far produced by colleagues.
I would also invite Nicolas Rollier to organise conf calls for the first two bullets above (many thanks Nicolas).
Regards and thanks to all. Speak soon.

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