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Jamie Baxter jamie at dotgay.com
Wed Jul 29 20:42:11 UTC 2015

As a "new gTLD applicant" who has participated in most ICANN meetings for
the past 6 years, it remains a concern of ours that ICANN maintains a path
of selecting meeting locations in countries with less than reputable human
rights records, which includes their records on gay rights. We believe it is
important to begin a discussion on this issue as the topic of human rights
is elevated within the corporate and social responsibility at ICANN. 


Since ICANN is an organization built on openness, under a multi-stakeholder
model that thrives on public participation, now is the relevant time for
ICANN to begin thinking about how its site selection for meetings impacts
freedom of speech & association, public safety and public perception of the
organization's commitment to the human rights issue. By not reviewing site
selection related issues, the larger discussion on human rights would
certainly be perceived as lip service to many, especially from the gay


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also recognized this concern
and recently implemented mandates that would prevent future host cities from
winning bids if their human rights records and policies (including gay
rights) were sub-par. The gay community has welcomed this pro-active
approach by the IOC following the Sochi Olympics to guarantee their future
participation and safety, and this is a standard that we believe an
international organization like ICANN could take lesson from.


We welcome comment from the group on how to add this point to the ongoing
work on corporate and social responsibility at ICANN.  





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