[cc-humanrights] Overview of CCWP ICANN CSR & Human Rights activities and outcomes ICANN53 BA

Niels ten Oever niels at article19.org
Sun Jul 5 11:41:49 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well. This e-mail goes out to the Cross
Community Working Party on ICANNs Corporate and Social Responsibility to
Respect Human Rights (CCWP HR) email list and everyone who participated
in the CCWP HR sessions. If you have not done so already, you're very
much invited to sign up for the email list here:

During ICANN53 the CCWP HR held two official sessions of which the
transcripts can be found attached. Please also find a summary of the
public session (produced by Marilia Maciel) attached.

The working session of the CCWP HR resulted in clear steps forward to be
realized before ICANN54 in Dublin (October 18). The concrete tasks are
outlines below, including the people who volunteered to help achieving
them, more volunteers are always more than welcome to step forward
either on list or reply off-list to me or other volunteers.

1. ICANN and HR
Volunteers: APC, Rafik Dammak, Dave Cake, Marilia Maciel
- Chart - correlating rights with policies & operations (WHOIS, EWG, gTLDs)
As was mentioned during the public session it would be very helpful to
have a short and concise overview which would illustrate how ICANNs
policies and operations touch upon human rights. This chart should link
concrete policies and operations and their impact on right. This does
not need to be a detailed analysis, but more of an overview.

- Analyze possibilities of Policy Development Process (PDP) rights
assessment and see if there are relevant upcoming issue reports for
which we could do this (if so setup a draft)
In the current PDP it is already possible to request a rights assessment
as a part of the issue report. This however has not been used up to now.
This activity will see whether there are relevant upcoming issue reports
and research the opportunities for the production of a rights assessment.

2. Legal: Council of Europe, Article19, Joy Liddicoat
- Mapping of relevant CSR policies / standards (and see how they could
be reshaped for ICANN)
There are a variety of global standards for CSR reporting. By mapping
the relevant standards and analyzing how they could be implemented by
ICANN. And example might be Cisco's CSR report
http://www.cisco.com/assets/csr/pdf/CSR_Report_2014.pdf#page=10, which
seems to have followed the IHRB recommendations pretty closely

- Mapping of examples/standards for human rights impact assessments
To be able to analyze the impacts of ICANNs policies and operations on
human rights it is crucial to have a method to do this analysis. Under
this work several methods and standards for human rights imact
assessments will be compared to see which would be most fitting for the
ICANN environment.

3. Operational
Volunteers: Rafik Dammak & Niels ten Oever
- Organize 3 conference calls (1 debrief call) before ICANN54
- Organize prep call with GAC WG co-chairs and/or WG
- Set meetings with all constituencies for ICANN Dublin and conf calls
- Organize meetings in Dublin
- Organize joint meeting with GAC WG and CCWP HR

During ICANN53 the CCWP HR was also invited to present and discuss its
work with:
- GAC Working Group on Human Rights and International Law
The GAC WG welcomed the work done by the CCWP HR and repeated it's
intention for close collaboration. The GAC WG is discussion its own
terms of reference. Transcript will be made available here:
- Commercial Stakeholder Group
The CSG showed interest in the work of the CCWP. We requested best
practices from businesses where it come to CSR. Concrete questions that
were asked were related to the format of the CCWP and on which specific
rights it would focus.
- Intellectual Property Constituency
The IPC showed interest in the work of the CCWP and underlined the
importance of the rights of authors. There were some specific questions
about the Article19 report.

Subsequently we've also been invited for a conference call with the
Internet Service Provider and Connectivity Providers Constituency which
will take place in the beginning of August.

This should give you an overview of the progress made during ICANN53.
I'm looking forward to work with you on the agreed steps forward.

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.



Niels ten Oever
Head of Digital

Article 19

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