[cc-humanrights] Considerations on next steps

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Wed Mar 18 01:29:35 UTC 2015

Dear Amr:

On 17/03/2015 20:42, Amr Elsadr wrote:
> However, I would like to note something at this time. Contrary to what
> Jean-Jaques said, a CCWG does not necessarily need to be chartered by
> the GNSO as a whole. Although that would be desirable, a single
> Stakeholder Group (or more than one) within the GNSO could adopt a
> charter if any other SO or AC is willing to participate as a
> chartering organization. The CCWG-IG is an example of a CCWG that came
> into existence before the GNSO adopted a charter. It started off by
> being an initiative by the NCSG and ALAC. This was partly because the
> charter of the CCWG was adopted many months after the CCWG-IG actually
> began its work.

I wouldn't take the CCWG on Internet Governance as an example. We
initially started as a joint working group between the ALAC and the
NCSG. This was picked up by David Olive and announced. We hoped others
would joint and they did indeed, but rather fast and we ended up working
without a charter, which was not ideal - especially with people trying
to discredit the legitimacy of the group itself. It took several months
to draft a charter and have it ratified by most (but not all) of the SOs
and ACs and over a year later we're still grappling with the make-up of
the CCWG's membership.

That's the reason why I recommended we do not go down the CCWG route and
that we set-up some kind of Working Party. Ultimately, I know, it's all
"process" and I wish we didn't have so much red tape around things. :-)

Kindest regards,


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