[cc-humanrights] Potential Research Topics on SCR and HR

Zalnieriute, Monika Monika.Zalnieriute at EUI.eu
Mon Mar 30 11:49:23 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

Here I send my list on potential research topics/issues for future papers (for Buenos Aires), everyone is welcome suggest their insights & propose other topics and issues. Here it is:

1.      Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility of ICANN:
*       Pointing to the experiences of other corporations;
*       What have the other big communications/other Internet-related companies done to comply with their CSR duties;
*       How they did it;
*       Why they did it;
*       And what ICANN could learn from them;
*       So such paper would be several examples discussed and suggestions for ICANN.

2.      Paper with the analysis of the WHOIS 'update' & 'revision' and the new system proposed system to replace (so mainly data protection and privacy concerns).

3.      Paper on the UDRP Problematic Issues:
*       Free Speech;
*       Right to Fair Trial & Due Process Concerns.

4.      Paper pointing potential policy areas needing HR impact assessments:
*       what such HR assessments would change ;
*       Why ICANN needs them;
*       (although overall, I am not yet in a position to overview them all, Stephanie mentioned this, she perhaps is much more suitable for such a task).

5.      Paper analyzing issues on .gay application
*       Highlighting many problems involved (although not sure if that is super needed, as it seems to be finally moving somewhere..)

6.      Paper on ICANN - Accountability & Transparency -
*       Focus on totally procedural aspects, not substantial (so no more HR as such, no free speech, no privacy);
*       Might be with a focus on IANA transition, if needed.

My own opinion: lets focus on CSR in Buenos Aires to gain even more support from more actors as well as make to make it totally clear that we don't expect ICANN to be that 'champion of HR'.

Let me know what do You think, will be waiting for suggestions and comments;

Best wishes and will hear You all soon,



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