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Dear all,

Please find underneath a short overview of the groupcall we had on
Monday 12:00 UTC, there is also a recording and transcript available
(Rafik or Maryam, could you please be so kind to point us to where we
could find that?). Please let me know if you have any amendments, I
made these notes from memory and my quick notes.

Discussion or objective and scope of the CCWP
We started off with the discussionon the objective and the scope of
the CCWP. Rafik explained the difference between a CCWG and a CCWP and
the reasons why we're choosing for a CCWP (CCWP is a more informal
structure through which we can already start working and see what
follow-up might be needed).
We discussed the proposed charter as it was written and proposed by
Niels ten Oever and Marilia Maciel. Niels ten Oever said he would make
the textual amendments as they were proposed by Olivier per mail. The
only other comment from Amr Elsadr was that outreach and education on
human rights needed to be part of the work of the CCWP, this seemed to
be covered by point iv. There were no further comments so it was
proposed that after a one week comment period the charter of the CCWP
would be accepted.

Discussion of potential research topics
Monika Zalnieriute prepared some possible research areas. There was
concensus that the areas of research should convene around possible
corporate responsibility strategies for ICANN, and do a scoping of how
other (similar) organizations have approached this, and the reason and
rationale and scoping of potential policy areas needing HR impact
assessments and what this would look like. Finally some examples on
UDR might be added.
There was a short discussion on the difference between Corporate
Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and Corporate Social
Responsibility. Since we used the term Corporate Responsibility to
Respect Human Rights earlier, we will stick to using that term.

Update on related work in other constituencies and workstreams
The Council of Europe will soon release a statement on ICANN and Human
Rights. The draft could not be shared with this group at this moment.
Lee Hibbard graciously offered to be the liaison between the GAC
working group on Human Rights, which is now defining its Terms of
Reference, and this group. This was happily accepted.

Rafik, Monika and Niels volunteered to present the work, scope and
objective of this CCWP in calls of and with different constituencies.
Benjamin also volunteered to join them, Rafik will set up the calls
and reach out to the leadership of SOs and ACs.
Stefania mentioned that there will be an outreach event in Buenos
Aires and offered to discuss this further. This discussion will be
followed up in the coming time.

There were no further points and the meeting was ended.

To Do's :
- - Rafik will arrange for a room and meeting time in Buenos Aires
- - Rafik, Monika, Niels and Benjamin will start informing other
constituencies and SOs and ACs about this work
- - Niels and Monika will start outlining the research as discussed
- - Niels to set up a doodle to set the next meeting time and date
- - Niels will send around the draft CCWP for a final last week comment
period before approval
- - There will be further discussion with Stefania and Bill on how this
group could play a role in the introductory event in Buenos Aires



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Niels ten Oever
Head of Digital

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