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Dear Lucy,

welcome to the working party!
it is open membership group and so the members can fully participate in all
activities like the conference call. So Aizawa-san can definitely
participate and speak-up during the call.
Please feel to share your questions and sending your comments here.



2015-09-04 5:29 GMT+09:00 Lucy Purdon <lucy.purdon at ihrb.org>:

> Dear all,
> I wanted to write a quick email to introduce myself and my colleague,
> Motoko Aizawa from the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB). We
> are very pleased to be working with Niels on a follow up to Article 19's
> June 2015 paper on ICANN's corporate social responsibility to respect human
> rights.
> In 2013, IHRB developed the ICT Sector Guide on Implementing the UN
> Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for the European
> Commission, together with the organisation Shift.
> We intend to draw on this work as a starting point and explore ways it can
> be applied to help ICANN navigate its responsibility to respect human
> rights.
> We will be looking specifically at how ICANN can develop human rights
> impact assessments for policy development and approaches towards an ICANN
> CSR report, including a transparency report, as outlined in the UN Guiding
> Principles on Business and Human Rights. This paper will be presented at
> ICANN54 in Dublin in October.
> We are currently mapping existing examples of HRIA's, CSR reports and
> transparency reports that could be helpful for ICANN to apply to its policy
> development and operations. We aim to provide possible options and
> recommendations, which will assist with the development of human rights due
> diligence.
> I'm afraid I can't make the call on Monday, but Motoko will join and
> listen in if that's OK. And if we can reach out to you with some questions,
> solicit opinions and test some ideas over the coming weeks, that would be
> great too.
> Many thanks, looking forward to working with you all. Please don't
> hesitate to contact me with any questions.
> Best,
> Lucy
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