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 Hello everyone, 
I am sharing with you a quick update of the call held by the subgroup on mapping, which happened last Wednesday, Sep 16th, so we can further discuss during our call today. 
Speak soon!Marília The subgroup is focused on developing a visual chart of ICANN'spolicies and operations that impact on human rights and on mappingopportunities for assessing HR impact on the policy development process (PDP). Participants: Rafik Dammak, Alan, Avri, Marília, Gangesh and Aarti - APC presented a proposal for visualization based on cartoonsand on a campaign strategy for communication. - The goals of the mapping are two pronged: to enhanceunderstanding and awareness among community members and to gather evidence forsupporting discussions on human rights at work stream 2-Accountability, when weare supposed to further detail the high level HR commitment to be introduced inthe bylaws. We discussed to have both mind mapping and cartoons. The formerto initiate the work, while the latter can be the deliverable we can use forcommunication. The work will be collaboratively shared. Avri, Marilia andRafik will support Alan on the work. - A strawman document assessing the opportunities to introduceHR issues at the GNSO policy development process is going to be shared byMarília and collaboratively discussed. - The next call will be scheduled by the subgroup andcommunicated to the list.   Best wishes,Marília
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