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Joy Liddicoat joy at liddicoatlaw.co.nz
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Hi all
Thanks for sharing the agenda Niels
I wonder if it would be useful to have a discussion about what participants think the current commitment to human rights in the NTIA agreement means ... 
Perhaps also reverse the order of the agenda to start with questions and end with presentations that  might help answer questions?

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I also believe that Wolfgang, like many of the Board is nervous about ICANN committing itself to HR in a bylaw. 

But it might be good to get someone from the Contracted parties on the panel.  Like you, Michele.

I can write a blog about how terrible I think it is that ICANN cannot even make a simple commitment to respect HR within its mission, and can argue from the floor.


On 29-Sep-15 08:38, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
> Avri
> As a European registrar I’m very conscious that ICANN is forcing a bunch of things via policy + contract that are, essentially, illegal.
> But I’d be very wary of how this kind of commitment was made. Simply committing to something and assuming it’ll be sorted out later has not proven to be a particularly sane strategy within the ICANN space.. 
> So while I have no concrete objections to HR, I would want clarity on a variety of things before pushing hard for it.
> Regards
> Michele
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>> Hi,
>> Oh, I did not know you were in the group of people who did not 
>> support a HR bylaw.
>> We all have questions about how a commitment is implemented, but i 
>> think there is a divison between those who belive in the committment 
>> first and working it out as we go.
>> And those who want to know exactly what the future holds before 
>> making a committment to HR.
>> So I differentiate between
>> "I support hr, but ..."
>> and
>> "I support hr.
>> I do think we need to discuss how we are going to implement this"
>> avri

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