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I like the mindmap way of looking at this.  Also allows for each of the
end nodes to go into more detail without needing to show that detail all
the time.  Is the mindmap file available and is further work planned on
it?  Is it in one of those environments that allows for cooperative
online work?  Or is this only an Article 19 proposal as the file name

Some points on the content of the chart.

- On new gTLD you may want to add something about gTLD and developing
economies under economic, social (and what happened to cultural) rights.
I.e. new gTLD program comes under this category as well.

- under FoA and new gTLDs, you may want to consider two branches, one
dealing with the existing program, in which case the AGB of 2012, as an
implementation of the policy of 2007, is an issue.  For new gTLD, the
AGB, as an implementation is not the starting point, but the
reevaluation of the GNSO Policy of 2007 and its implementation will be
the issue. This is similar to what was done for FoE.

- under FoA, is the structure of ICANN internal working structure for
the community at all an additional consideration?

- under gender and diversity, is the ombudsman the only consideration?
What about the new policies such as the one that is being proposed in


On 21-May-16 06:07, Niels ten Oever wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Attached a second draft visualization made by the designer, as always,
> looking forward to your comments!
> What text is missing? What more would you like to be in here?
> I was thinking (maybe too much, maybe not), we could maybe also do a
> dendogram based on rights. With the UDHR at the bottom, the ICCPR and
> the ICESCR coming from that and then all the smaller treaties following
> that, and finally of course the Ruggie Principles and the Global
> compact. This might build on the work done by Tatiana and Aarti on
> relevant frameworks? It defintely needs some research and lawyer touch :)
> Curious to hear what you all think!
> Best,
> Niels
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