[cc-humanrights] [for feedback] Proposal for session at ICANN60, Abu Dhabi

Vidushi Marda vidushi at cis-india.org
Thu Aug 10 11:57:01 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Please find below a draft of the CCWP request for a session at ICANN60
in Abu Dhabi. Look forward to your feedback/suggestions. Also interested
to hear whether there are any additional ideas for what we could include
in the session. Get in touch if you have any questions!



ICANN60 - ICANN & human rights - CCWP-HR

Human rights are an increasingly crucial part of processes and community
discussions at ICANN. The commitment to human rights is now part of the
ICANN bylaws with the the Framework of Interpretation being finalised.
The most recent budget also approves a human rights impact assessment
(HRIA) for 2018.

The Cross Community Working Party on ICANNs Corporate and Social
Responsibility to Respect Human Rights aims to provide an overview of
ongoing human rights related processes and present research on ICANN's
present and potential impact on human rights.

The session will begin with an overview of the human rights discussion
at ICANN, with updates from the CCWG processes from Work-Stream 2. This
will be followed by the presentation of a new report on potential HRIA
models for the GNSO. This session hopes to better inform the nuances of
human rights discussions at ICANN, while encouraging interactive and
constructive cross-community participation. We will invite expert
discussants from across stakeholder groups to provide feedback and
dialogue at the session.

This builds on the sessions held since ICANN50 in London, on
this issue as well as the previous reports that were produced on this
topic which can be found here: http://icannhumanrights.net

Agenda: A detailed agenda will be provided closer to the meeting

Preferred Date, Time and Length of Meeting: Any time, 90 minutes (if not
possible we would go for 1 hour public session and 1 hour working session)

Preferred Room Set-up: We would prefer a U-shape table setup to allow
for productive and interactive dialogue among participants

Meeting Overview: There will be no breaks

Estimated Number of Attendees: 50-60 attendees, based on the number of
people at previous meetings.

Remote Presenters and Participation: No remote presenters are
anticipated. However, there would be remote participants

Audio Visual Requirements The following audio/visual needs are
requested: Table microphones will need to be spaced on the tables for
every 2-3 seats;

Two wireless hand microphones and one microphone stand (microphone in
microphone stand for questions from attendees, and tow hand held
microphone to circulate if needed);

Dedicated laptop computer to manage Adobe Connect and all presentations;

Adobe Connect with audio;

Teleconference bridge for remote participates with toll-free dial in

Recording and transcript of the session.

There will be no breaks.
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