[cc-humanrights] Impact Assessments update: IGF workshop accepted!

Collin Kurre collin at article19.org
Tue Aug 7 11:52:32 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

I’m very pleased to announce that our IGF workshop proposal, “A Multistakeholder Approach to HRIAs: Lessons from ICANN <http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2018-ws-349-a-multistakeholder-approach-to-hrias-lessons-from-icann>”, was accepted for inclusion in this year’s program. Of the 350+ submissions, only 70 were approved. Congratulations and great work to all who were involved!

As I pointed out on the NCSG list, we’ve now got a great incentive to brush up our HRIA model and begin testing it out on PDPs. As this is the first time such due diligence mechanisms are being introduced into PDPs, I propose that we carry out shadow HRIAs in parallel to ongoing PDPs rather than attempting to incorporate them as a procedural step at this point. This way we can iterate and improve on the model as we wait for implementation of the Human Rights Bylaw to begin. 

Could the EPDP and RPM groups be good test-cases for trial runs? Please share thoughts on this selection, or suggestions for other PDPs to look at.

Some initial elements to consider:
How and where the HRIA could fit into the process
Who should be consulted within the community
Whether external stakeholder consultation should factor in
How much time and bandwidth the assessment takes
Anything else?

Kind regards,

Collin Kurre
CCWP-HR Co-chair

Version 1.1 of the HRIA prototype <https://icannhumanrights.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/DRAFT-ICANN-HRIA-questionnaire-model.pdf> (CCWP-HR, May 2018)
Initial Sketch for an HRIA for the GNSo’s PDP <https://icannhumanrights.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Draft-HRIA-initial-sketch-for-PDPs-in-the-GNSO.pdf> (CCWP-HR, November 2017)
“A Collaborative Approach to Human Rights Impact Assessments <http://ccsi.columbia.edu/files/2014/05/A-Collaborative-Approach-to-HRIAs_Web.pdf>” (Columbia Center, DIHR, and Sciences Po, March 2017)

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