[cc-humanrights] CCWP-HR Meeting on Due Diligence - Tue 31 Jul @ 1400 UTC

Collin Kurre collin at article19.org
Thu Jul 26 10:46:52 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that the next Cross-Community Working Party on ICANN and Human Rights (CCWP-HR) meeting, scheduled for next Tuesday 31 July from 1400-1500 UTC, will be a special session on DUE DILIGENCE AND WHY IT MATTERS. 

We will be joined by an expert guest for this meeting: Michael Samway, a veteran tech company executive, global public policy advisor, and current President of the Business and Human Rights Group (among other things <http://thebhrgroup.com/#whoweare>). Michael will give us a brief overview of what due diligence means and entails, with a particular emphasis on his work in the tech sector.

Next, Michele Neylon and I will speak about a recent collaboration between Blacknight and ARTICLE 19 to develop impact assessment models for registrars and hosting providers, and how this could inform similar ongoing work within the CCWP-HR.

Finally, we’ll go to Raphaël Beauregard Lacroix, author of the recent article “ICANN at a Crossroads: GDPR and Human Rights <https://icannhumanrights.net/icann-gdpr-human-rights/>”, for a discussion on ICANN’s Human Rights Bylaw and the notion of applicable law.

This meeting is an an opportunity for all interested community members to come together and discuss this important and timely topic. Bring any questions or comments you may have, and please feel free to circulate this invitation through your networks. 

Kind regards,

Collin Kurre


CCWP-HR: Due Diligence and Why It Matters
July 31, 2018, 1400 - 1500 UTC
https://participate.icann.org/ncsg <https://participate.icann.org/ncsg> 

PART I: What is Due Diligence? – Michael Samway (15 min)
Due Diligence Roadmap

PART III: Progress Update – Collin Kurre and Michele Neylon (15 min)
ARTICLE 19 / Blacknight collaboration; ongoing efforts to develop new impact assessment models

PART III: Relevance to the ICANN Community – Raphael Beauregard Lacroix (10 min)
ICANN’s Human Rights Bylaw, GDPR, and “applicable law”
Resource: Human Rights Bylaw Framework of Interpretation <https://community.icann.org/display/WEIA/Documents?preview=/59641302/79437270/CCWG-Accountability-WS2-HumanRight-FinalReport-20171106%5B1%5D.pdf>

PART IV: Discussion (20 min)
Community Question: How can we incorporate systematic procedures for due diligence into ICANN decision-making processes?
Additional resources available on the CCWP-HR website <https://icannhumanrights.net/documents/> 

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