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Thu May 3 16:21:40 UTC 2018


Thanks to all of you who were able to join us today - we had great turnout
and a great discussion. Our action items are as follows:

   - Incorporate the very helpful suggestions made for our GNSO HRIA model,
   and take the discussion to the lists for further input.
   - Human Rights in Ongoing PDPs Paper
   Several people have kindly volunteered to assist on this paper.
      - Next steps: Targeted interviews with people familiar with PDPs at
      RightsCon in May or ICANN62 in June. David McAuley and Ayden
Férdeline have
      volunteered to speak to PDPs they are familiar with. Any other
      - Refining the paper based on this information. Raphael and Ines,
      could you assist with this stage?
   - Monitor developments with regard to an ePDP for the GDPR and/or for
   the RDS, and if and when those move forward we should aim to demo an HRIA
   in the early stages.
   - Next meeting scheduled for early June (June 1).

Best wishes,

Michael and Collin
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