[cc-humanrights] Suggested workflow for trial HRIAs

Collin Kurre collin at article19.org
Fri Nov 9 14:55:07 UTC 2018

Dear colleagues,

Below is a suggested workflow synthesizing ideas about how to get the ball rolling on HRIAs in the ICANN community while helping newcomers become more involved in policy development processes.

As approval of WS2 is drawing ever closer, it would be great to go ahead and get started on the first trial HRIA. This way we can have at least one trial under our belt when the Human Rights Bylaw kicks into effect. (Find background resources on the CCWP-HR website <https://icannhumanrights.net/documents/>.)

What do you think? All feedback welcome. 

Warm regards,
Collin Kurre


Suggested Workflow for Trial ICANN Policy HRIA

Identify PDP for trial. Suggestions received: RPMs, Subsequent Procedures (specific work tracks?), EPDP. Which should be prioritized?
Gather and review resources on select PDP. This will be an important step for members who aren’t currently active in the target PDP. Shared folders and communication channels will be established to promote knowledge exchange. 
HRIA Team attends at least 3 meetings of the PDP to get a feel for the group’s status and key players. Newcomers will also have the opportunity to shadow veterans and observe the PDP process in action.
Jointly determine the best approach for carrying out the assessment based on shared experiences in the target PDP. Example methodologies: direct participation, interviews, mailing list reviews, desk research, or any combination thereof. We can dedicate one of our CCWP-HR calls to this discussion.
Complete and publish assessment with the methodology clearly explained in an annex.
Repeat! Building on lessons learned in the first trial.

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