[cc-humanrights] CCWP-HR involvement at ICANN68 (GAC HRIA Launch)

Austin Ruckstuhl aruckstuhl at cris.unu.edu
Wed Jun 17 05:28:33 UTC 2020

Hello CCWP-HR members,

Your co-chairs have spent the past month working closely with the GAC HRIL WG leadership and we will be presenting at their upcoming GAC session called “GAC Discussions on RPM and WS2 Recommendations”. In lieu of a June meeting for our group, please plan to attend this session to be updated on our upcoming collaborative process for a GAC HRIA. The details of that session at ICANN68 are as follows:

05:00 UTC, 24 June 2020
Zoom Meeting Link: https://icann.zoom.us/j/94642077830
Zoom Meeting ID: 946 4207 7830

In short, what we have done is adapted the HRIA tool we used to do our previous HRIA on the Sub Pros PDP. Instead of starting with an empty template (only columns and no rows), we have added 30 rows which spell out the core recommendations in the WS2 report. The idea is that this template can be used as a starting point for an HRIA of the GAC or any other SO/AC and simultaneously be used to spark a prioritization process and ‘identification of recommended next steps’ for any group. The tool is only meant to be a starting point. During the actual HRIA process, anyone who wishes could add rows to include broader issues related to the specific SO/AC not captured within the WS2 recommendations.

We only have one week left to refine the tool<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yuJuDXh_M9dvVhQWsH1pYS2MEpl-I2dDeSrWLy6rOwM/edit> and finish filling it in before we launch the GAC HRIA at ICANN68. If anyone would like to volunteer to help us complete the tool or liaise with the GAC in the coming months, please reach out to Ephraim or me. We would love your help and welcome your feedback. As a reminder, the ASO was not interested in working with us at this time, so this is your only opportunity to get your hands dirty in some fun human rights work for the time being.

Thank you all for your feedback and time,

Austin (& Ephraim)

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