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Austin Ruckstuhl aruckstuhl at cris.unu.edu
Tue May 12 01:50:52 UTC 2020

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I have several updates for you.

Thank you to Niels & Ephraim for the comments on the ICANN Org blog post. I, too, am surprised that it mentions the “community’s work/prioritization” over 6 times and only mentions two small steps org has taken.

In other news, I am very happy to announce that Ephraim Percy Kenyanito has agreed to fill the open position of CCWP-HR Co-Chair. I am very grateful to have a co-chair as we go into a period of renewed HRIA work of our community. Ephraim is a lawyer who has served as an Independent Expert to two ICANN Implementation Advisory Groups and has been an ICANN Fellow and NextGen. Currently, he leads and implements ARTICLE 19’s international work on internet protocols and technical standards at ICANN and also on internet infrastructure Business and Human Rights (BHR). Thank you for stepping up, Ephraim!

Doodle for next meeting
Please complete this Doodle for our next meeting time by Friday, May 15th at 5pm UTC: https://doodle.com/poll/5m9fkv25dxc4hk3f

Please see this collaborative agenda and feel free to add to the document. You can also find a place to sign up for an HRIA sub-team for ASO or GAC; a proposed timeline; proposed tools for the HRIAs and some resources for you to review as we begin a new collaborative HRIA process. We will discuss all of this on the next call.

I’ve also recently spoken to an ASO co-chair and a co-chair for the GAC HRILWG. I have invited them both to our next meeting and I can provide an update on those processes.

Best wishes,

Austin Ruckstuhl
CCWP-HR Co-chair

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