[cc-humanrights] On ICANNs WS2 announcement

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito hello at ekenyanito.com
Mon May 11 11:38:26 UTC 2020

Dear Niels,

I agree with you that the blog released on Friday is totally vague as
regards the exact timelines and implementation plan details for the rest
of the recommendations (beyond the stated updates to the Publication
and the Guidelines for the Posting of Board Briefing Materials

As a way forward, there is need for ICANN Board and Org to propose a
detailed plan for implementation for each approved recommendation. This
document should identify the need for broad or targeted community
consultation when it is crucial to the success of subsequent steps.

I propose for a cross community follow up on this as soon as possible
given the delays experienced so far.

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

On 5/11/20 1:44 PM, Niels ten Oever wrote:
> Dear CCWP HR,
> I hope this email finds you all well. Many of you will have seen this announcement by ICANN:
> https://www.icann.org/news/blog/moving-toward-implementation-next-steps-for-work-stream-2
> Personally I am quite surprised by this statement. The ICANN community has reached consensus on this work in 2018, it took the board until November 2019 to approve it. It is now May 2020 and ICANN wants to start a conversation to prioritize the workload? Not even a process for prioritization is proposed. In my view, this is ICANN pushing WS2 further down the road. 
> Happy to discuss, but imho, this is far below par.
> Best,
> Niels

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