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Wed Nov 8 22:34:48 UTC 2017

Submitted on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 17:34
Submitted values are:

First Name + Last Name: Alejandra Reynoso
Affiliation: ccTLD .gt
Email: alejandra.reynoso at cctld.gt
Please specify how you intend to contribute to the work of the ccNSO at the
next ICANN meeting:
Dear Sirs

I'm an active member in the ccNSO as a member of the Guideline Review
Committee (GRC), chair of the Programme WG and Councillor for the LAC region.
In the GRC I’ve worked inter alia on the guidelines for: Council Practices,
Travel Funding & Council Election Procedure. As chair of the Programme WG,
before every ICANN meeting I’m in constant communication with the ccNSO
Secretariat, the ccNSO Chair and the ICANN Schedule Planning team, striving
to coordinate efforts in building the best schedule possible for the ccNSO
community. During the meeting I keep track of the flow of the meeting and
take notes on what can be improved for the next meeting. Furthermore I'm a
member of the team in charge of reviewing the ccNSO Meeting Strategy and in
ICANN 61 we will present preliminary results and seek for community input. As
for my role in the council I keep in touch with my regional colleagues to
keep them updated and to listen their points of view and represent them
accordingly in the council activities.

Additionally I'm part of the ICANN Onboarding Program as a Community Mentor,
coaching the current ccNSO participants and overseeing the creation of
materials/documents that introduces someone to the ccNSO community (i.e.
"Quick Guide to the ccNSO", "ccNSO ICANN Learn course", among others). The
members of this Program meet face-to-face at every ICANN meeting to exchange
experiences and the progress of their work. Parallel to this program, I’ve
been mentoring people from the fellowship program who have as main interest
the activities of the ccNSO.

On another note I tweet the ccNSO sessions during the ICANN meetings to help
spread the work and activities of the ccNSO community.

Thank you for your time,
Alejandra Reynoso
Additional relevant information:
I have read the ccNSO Travel Funding Guidelines [1] and understand the
process and conditions: Yes
Number of times ccNSO funding received the last 3 public ICANN meetings: 1
Do you have your employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding? Yes, I
have my employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding (OR, I am not
Employment status: Yes, I am employed
    ==Please, provide your employer's contact information==
    Employer's Name: Luis Furlán
    Employer's Email: furlan at uvg.edu.gt

Would you have the possibility to attend the meeting, if you would only
receive one part of the funding (either plane ticket or hotel only)? No, I
need full funding to be able to attend the meeting

[1] https://ccnso.icann.org/about/travel-funding-07apr16-en.pdf

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