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Mon Nov 13 14:50:02 UTC 2017

Submitted on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 09:50
Submitted values are:

First Name + Last Name: Domen Savič
Affiliation: .si domain registry
Email: domen at register.si
Please specify how you intend to contribute to the work of the ccNSO at the
next ICANN meeting:
I can present or participate in a round table discussion on two topics:

Media literacy
We're recently started a program in highschools that is focusing on media
literacy and critical perception of the digital content. The program
combines lectures and practical exercises where the students are confronted
with problematic digital practices like click bait, native advertising,
algorithmic projections and filter bubble. We then analyse these practices
together and develop effective ways of countering them. The program is
relevant to high school students (15-18 yrs) and primary school students (9 -
11 yrs).

Digital rights
Digital rights and the popularisation of internet governance participation is
becoming more and more important. We're focusing our efforts on popularising
themes of net neutrality, media literacy and digital privacy and security and
also helping the netizens to engage and participate in the decision making
processes in these areas.
Additional relevant information:
Domen Savič (1981) is the head of PR at the national .si domain registry and
director of Inštitut Državljan D (Citizen D Institute). He holds a
bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Ljubljana. He is also a member of the Program Council of RTV

Mr. Savič is very active in the field of digital economy. He has cooperated
several Slovenian NGOs (Cyberpipe, Ljudmila, Kibla, PINA) in the fields of
copyright and creative commons, bridging the digital divide, open internet
freedom of expression.

Mr. Savič’s career first took him to RTV Slovenia, Slovenia’s public
where he worked as a journalist for two years. He then transitioned into the
owned, second-biggest daily in Slovenia, Dnevnik, where he helped organiz and
the digital editorial function.

After a combined five years in mass media, Mr. Savič moved into digital
He worked first for the digital department of the Futura DDB agency, where he
helped shape the digital communication strategies of several major Slovenian
brands. After three years he created his own digital agency which was in turn
by Outfit7 Ltd. Mr. Savič spent the two years following the buyout at Outfit
developing brand communication strategies.

In his role as the director of a non-governmental organization Mr. Savič
focuses on
developing long-term projects related to digital rights, communication
privacy and
digital security, media regulation and active citizen participation in the
I have read the ccNSO Travel Funding Guidelines [1] and understand the
process and conditions: Yes
Number of times ccNSO funding received the last 3 public ICANN meetings: 0
Do you have your employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding? Yes, I
have my employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding (OR, I am not
Employment status: Yes, I am employed
    ==Please, provide your employer's contact information==
      Employer's Name: Register.si, .si domain registry
      Employer's Email: barbara.povse at register.si

Would you have the possibility to attend the meeting, if you would only
receive one part of the funding (either plane ticket or hotel only)? No, I
need full funding to be able to attend the meeting

[1] https://ccnso.icann.org/about/travel-funding-07apr16-en.pdf

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