[Ccnso-travelfunding] Form submission from: ICANN61 | Application for ccNSO Travel Funding

Country Code Names Supporting Organisation webmaster at icann.org
Mon Nov 13 14:03:13 UTC 2017

Submitted on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 09:03
Submitted values are:

First Name + Last Name: Wafa Dahmani
Affiliation: ATI
Email: wafa at ati.tn
Please specify how you intend to contribute to the work of the ccNSO at the
next ICANN meeting:
I'm deeply involved in the work of the ccNSO through the following different
*ccnso members
*ccnso Liaison for ALAC
* member of the SOP working group
*member of TLD-OPS

Additional relevant information:
I have read the ccNSO Travel Funding Guidelines [1] and understand the
process and conditions: Yes
Number of times ccNSO funding received the last 3 public ICANN meetings: 0
Do you have your employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding? Yes, I
have my employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding (OR, I am not
Employment status: Yes, I am employed
    ==Please, provide your employer's contact information==
    Employer's Name: Mr Jawher Ferjaoui
    Employer's Email: pdg at ati.tn

Would you have the possibility to attend the meeting, if you would only
receive one part of the funding (either plane ticket or hotel only)? No, I
need full funding to be able to attend the meeting

[1] https://ccnso.icann.org/about/travel-funding-07apr16-en.pdf

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