[Ccnso-travelfunding] Form submission from: ICANN61 | Application for ccNSO Travel Funding

Country Code Names Supporting Organisation webmaster at icann.org
Mon Nov 13 13:37:07 UTC 2017

Submitted on Monday, November 13, 2017 - 08:37
Submitted values are:

First Name + Last Name: Leonard Obonyo
Affiliation: KENIC
Email: leonard at tespok.co.ke
Please specify how you intend to contribute to the work of the ccNSO at the
next ICANN meeting:
1.	I will be able to continue participating in the discussions relating to
the retirement of ccTLD and the issue of ccTDL contributions to ICANN in
relation to the what the WG had committed to achieve.
2.	Contribute to the discussions on the ccNSO review has been deferred to
2018 with the intention of performing a self-evaluation.
3.	Continue supporting AfTLD and KENIC on research related to ICANN and ccNSO
activities and prepare for the participation at ICANN 61. The main issue of
focus is on the topic of the use of country and territory names at the top

Additional relevant information: None.
I have read the ccNSO Travel Funding Guidelines [1] and understand the
process and conditions: Yes
Number of times ccNSO funding received the last 3 public ICANN meetings: 1
Do you have your employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding? Yes, I
have my employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding (OR, I am not
Employment status: Yes, I am employed
    ==Please, provide your employer's contact information==
      Employer's Name: Technology Service Providers Association of
      Kenya (TESPOK)
      Employer's Email: tespok at tespok.co.ke

Would you have the possibility to attend the meeting, if you would only
receive one part of the funding (either plane ticket or hotel only)? No, I
need full funding to be able to attend the meeting

[1] https://ccnso.icann.org/about/travel-funding-07apr16-en.pdf

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