[Ccnso-travelfunding] Form submission from: ICANN61 | Application for ccNSO Travel Funding

Country Code Names Supporting Organisation webmaster at icann.org
Mon Nov 20 20:26:39 UTC 2017

Submitted on Monday, November 20, 2017 - 15:26
Submitted values are:

First Name + Last Name: Rosalia Morales
Affiliation: ccNSO - NIC Costa Rica (.cr)
Email: rosalia.morales at nic.cr
Please specify how you intend to contribute to the work of the ccNSO at the
next ICANN meeting: I am currently part of the CCWG Accountability
representing the ccNSO as well as the part of the Strategy and Operations SOP
WG within the ccNSO. I also participate in the newly formed WT 5 on
Geographic Names as a member of the ccNSO.  I plan to attend all face-to-face
meetings related to these working groups during ICANN61 and contribute with
the discussions. I also plan to update the ccNSO about the different topics
related to the work of these working groups as it has been done in past
meetings.  Even thought the meeting agenda for the ccNSO members meetings in
ICANN61 has not been defined yet, I would like to participate as a panelist
if there is a topic I can contribute to the discussion as I have done in most
of I can meetings I have attended in person in the past.  Overall, I also
plan to pose questions and comments during our ccNSO members meetings and
engage with other ccTLDs in finding ways to cooperate and work together to
help our community grow and also to promote a more stable and resilient
Additional relevant information: Due to the small size of the ccTLD I belong,
our budget for traveling abroad is very limited. However, there is great
value in participating in person to ICANN meetings due to the networking
opportunities and the face-to-face meetings. Exchanges of ideas and
relationships with other ccTLDs flow more freely and naturally when one is
able to participate in person and not solely rely on remote participation. I
would greatly appreciate if you could take this this into account during your
evaluation process.
I have read the ccNSO Travel Funding Guidelines [1] and understand the
process and conditions: Yes
Number of times ccNSO funding received the last 3 public ICANN meetings: 1
Do you have your employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding? Yes, I
have my employer's approval to receive ccNSO Travel Funding (OR, I am not
Employment status: Yes, I am employed
    ==Please, provide your employer's contact information==
      Employer's Name: NIC Costa Rica - Academia Nacional de Ciencias
      Employer's Email: gfjdtp at gmail.com

Would you have the possibility to attend the meeting, if you would only
receive one part of the funding (either plane ticket or hotel only)? Yes, I
can accept to be funded only partly

[1] https://ccnso.icann.org/about/travel-funding-07apr16-en.pdf

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