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Thanks do find inline:

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On Nov 15, 2017 2:22 PM, "Marika Konings" <marika.konings at icann.org> wrote:

Seun, the experts that have been identified by the CCWG to date can be
found here: https://community.icann.org/x/DAnfAw. This also includes an
overview of the expertise present amongst CCWG members and participants.

SO: Thanks for this. So basically experts(both external and internal) are
volunteers as well.

With regards to next milestone, please review the updated timeline that was
circulated with the agenda. This document also includes the approach for
dealing with the charter questions that the CCWG is following.

SO: Okay the meeting for 16 seem critical then and I hope for good
deliberation on that.

The survey was intended to see whether a clear preference existed amongst
the CCWG members and participants for a certain mechanism. However, as
there does not seem to be a clear preference, the CCWG will need to start
digging deeper in order to eventually make a determination about the
preferred mechanism. This was the objective of the exercise in Abu Dhabi:
identify overarching criteria that are expected to determine what mechanism
is preferred as well as identify what further information is needed with
regards to the different mechanisms to be able to value these criteria. For
example, several commenters noted that cost is an important factor in
determining which mechanism is preferable, but at this stage, the CCWG has
very little insight into what the expected cost (e.g. set-up, running) of
each mechanism may be. Experts, who have been involved in setting up
similar mechanisms may be in a position to provide guidance to the CCWG in
this regard. This is of course only one factor that has been identified as

SO: Okay, I this is clearer now.

If there are suggestions for how to move forward quicker on making this
determination or other parts of the work that can be done in parallel (the
leadership may have some suggestions during tomorrow’s meeting), these
should be shared so that these can be part of the conversation concerning
the work plan.

SO: If we can get a trend on which option is getting more traction so that
helps reduce the numbers from current 4 to say 2. Then we focus on those 2.
>From what I see it seem hybrid and internal are the 2 main options
currently in significant competition. So I will suggest we streamline and
just focus on those 2 options.

I do note however that there are still some outstanding items from stage 2
that need to be completed and are awaiting CCWG input so moving faster will
only be possible with the assistance of everyone involved.

SO: By stage 2, I assume you mean phase 2 in the workplan and approach
document. On charter question 7 and 10, I thought we were done with those
Items. As I recall we looked at it during the face 2 face and just minor
edits were suggested. Otherwise is there any significant action that is
still required?

Thanks for all the work.


Best regards,


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Hello Marika,

Please note a tentative apology. That said, could you remind me again who
the experts are, are those ICANN staff if not are they paid category of
people within this CCWG?

To the Chairs, I raised this during the face 2 face and I think I should
ask again here; can we have an idea of what the next milestone of the group
is supposed to be and in what timeline are we supposed to achieve that.

I am saying this because I feel we are getting too bugged down with
documentations that seems repeatitive to me. We earlier did a survey about
the options, then we put that on pause and did the session at AbuDhabi
which produced yet another documentation with new set of questions (which
are similar to what was already answered through the previous survey)


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On Nov 14, 2017 6:03 PM, "Marika Konings" <marika.konings at icann.org> wrote:

Dear All,

Please find below the proposed agenda for the next new gTLD Auction
Proceeds CCWG meeting which has been scheduled for Thursday 16 November at
14.00 UTC. Please make sure to review the documents attached, especially
the document for item 4. You are encouraged to review the questions
identified in this document for accuracy (do these accurately reflect the
comments that were provided during the F2F meeting) as well as whether
there are any questions missing.



*Proposed Agenda – new gTLD Auction Proceeds CCWG meeting on Thursday 16
November at 14.00 UTC*

   1. Roll Call
   2. Welcome / DOI – SOI Updates
   3. Completing stage 2:

   1. Review of updated examples document (see attached)
      2. Open and Interoperable Internet description (DT expected to
      circulate latest version prior to meeting)
      3. Discuss next steps

   1. Stage 3 – review and refine questions for experts (see document
   2. Review and discuss updated work plan (see attached)
   3. Confirm next steps and time/date for next meeting (Thursday 30
   November at 14.00 UTC)

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