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Thanks Erika for sharing.

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> *Dear CCWG AP colleagues - *
> *Cherine Chalaby asked for a meeting this morning, October 24, to inform
> me as CCWG AP Co-Chair about a resolution the Board will pass tomorrow
> morning, October 25, concerning the replenishment of the Reserve Fund.
> Maarten Botterman attended the meeting and Chris Disspain was present for a
> short period at the beginning of the meeting.*
> *To replenish the Reserve Fund, the Board resolution will request a
> contribution from ICANN ORG on an annual basis (8 years), total $32
> Million, and an immediate contribution from Auction Proceed, total $36
> Million. These two amounts seen together would replenish the Reserve Fund
> (in 8 years) to the agreed height. *
> *Cherine was interested in informing us ahead of the decision and I
> mentioned, that we were expecting such a move and, as far as this is
> concerned, we're not surprised to see the Board passing this resolution
> tomorrow and that we do appreciate his approach in informing us ahead of
> passing the resolution. *
> Reminder:* The* '*Document for Public comment – Replenishment Strategy
> for the ICANN Reserve Fund' (open date, March 6th, 2018/closed April 25th,
> 2018) mentioned the following about the replenishment of the fund in
> relation to the topics mentioned above: *
> *https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/proposed-reserve-fund-replenishment-strategy-06mar18-en.pdf
> <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/proposed-reserve-fund-replenishment-strategy-06mar18-en.pdf>*
> *§ Contribution from ICANN Org: Future adopted budgets could be made to
> provide a contribution to the Reserve Fund on an annual basis. This would
> require ICANN Org to plan each fiscal year for expenses to be lower than
> funding by an amount explicitly designated for the purpose of replenishing
> the Reserve Fund. Given ICANN’s funding constraints, contributions from
> ICANN org to the Reserve Fund replenishment result from a reduced
> allocation of ICANN’s resources to its on-going activities, in order to
> produce a surplus that is allocated to the Reserve Fund. Such allocation is
> and needs to continue being the subject of community engagement and input. *
> *§ Auction Proceeds: ICANN currently has US$ 104 million collected from
> auctions that were held as the mechanism of last resort to resolve string
> contention in the new gTLD program (including investment returns). This
> amount excludes US$ 132 million relating to the auction of the .WEB string
> net of auction fees *
> *Kind regards, *
> *Erika *
> *Barcelona, October 24, 2018*
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