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Thu Nov 21 22:02:04 UTC 2019

That makes sense, Sam. At the moment I think we are coming unstuck because
we are trying to think out the implementation phase as well as the ones we
were tasked with which I thought were mainly to identify some mechanism
options to manage and distribute the funds and  some criteria by which
projects could be selected.


On Thu, 21 Nov 2019, 11:16 AM Sam Lanfranco, <sam at lanfranco.net> wrote:

> *First a little humor. *As U.S. actor-turned-President Ronald Reagan
> liked to say: “*There you [I] go again*”.
> I would like to approach the issue of Mechanisms and Costs in a reverse
> order. If we start from the deliverables, they are the same for each
> Mechanism, and baring different Mechanisms facing different prices for
> similar skills, the overall dollar costs should be about the same. Thus,
> costs probably should not be a deciding factor in ranking preferences for
> Mechanisms A, B, and C. All three options will be approached of course with
> “…a best practice approach with a prudent and modest administrative cost
> allocation.”
> There may be some cost savings from Mechanism B depending on how partner
> expertise is costed out, and there may be some one-time additional cost to
> set up a Foundation for Mechanism C. ICANN services and staff provided for
> Mechanism A (and B) would probably be costed competitively to those
> provided by others within Mechanisms B and C.
> In my view a best practice approach to making the Mechanism choice is to
> complete this Work Phase focused on the complicated issues we have
> explored, what we want the Mechanism to do, and how we want it to work.
> This is then handed off to the Implementation Phase, along with comments
> (and questions) about the issues relevant for ranking A, B and C. These
> might include elapsed time to implementation (i.e., how long to the first
> round of grant applications), prospects for receiving additional funds from
> other sources, (to do more things or do things longer) and the like.
> In this scenario the Implementation Phase would be where the Mechanism
> choice was identified, and then subject to whatever ICANN stakeholder
> approval process is appropriate. If we are to make that choice at this Work
> Phase, we need to make a list of the factors, other than costs, about what
> evidence we need to assess, and what decisions (e.g. open to supplemental
> funding) need to be made before ranking the Mechanisms.
> Sam L.
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