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This is forbidden by the ICANN bylaws which was the point that John was making, and was a conscious decision to never ever allow that scenario to happen.

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Thanks James and John,

Here is an attempt to reformat my Food for Thought long look into the future.

There are two processes underway:

  *   This ccWG is dealing with an implementation mechanism, and ranking Mechanisms, to handle a new gTLD auction proceeds grants process.

  *   At ISOC, there is the pending sale of PIR and the .org registry to a private investment group

Should the sale go through, time will tell the extent to which the not-for-profit community feels that the .org registry is operating in the public interest.
At the same time the selected Mechanism for handling the new gTLD auction proceeds will have built up considerable expertise managing grants.
If (and I stress “if”) there were demand for a new not-for-profit/public interest gTLD, the registry would have to go somewhere.  The Mechanism handling the new gTLD auction proceeds would have a track record and may be in a good position to handle a similar grants process. Could a Mechanism that is arm’s length from ICANN also handle a registry? Yes, no, why not? It is an acquired skill.
In conclusion I am raising two possibilities. One is that there may be a need for a new not-for-profit public interest gTLD. The other is that the Mechanism selected for the new gTLD auction proceeds may have a useful second life, should a new gTLD come to pass. Time will tell. As for betting on outcomes. I won't do that.
Sam Lanfranco
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