[council] FOR INFORMATION: Materials on the new Empowered Community

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Mon Mar 6 17:34:45 UTC 2017

Dear Councilors,

Please find attached a set of slides that ICANN staff has prepared, describing the respective roles of the five Decisional Participants (ASO, ccNSO, GNSO, ALAC and GAC) and the Empowered Community (EC) Administration in the new EC. The slides include an Annex that attempts to portray, in visual form, the processes and timelines that apply to each of the EC’s powers under the revised Bylaws.

The slides also note that each Decisional Participant may need to modify existing or adopt new internal procedures to handle its actions in relation to the EC. As you know, this effort within the GNSO is currently underway, with the latest update being that staff has begun work on the Council’s directive to work with the GNSO’s Bylaws Drafting Team on any needed modifications to the GNSO Operating Procedures and/or ICANN Bylaws: https://gnso.icann.org/en/council/resolutions#20161201-1. The Drafting Team will have a meeting at ICANN58, on Wednesday 15 March from 1700-1830, to discuss the work done to date.

In addition, as participation in the EC has been identified as a topic for the joint meeting with the ccNSO Council on Monday 13 March, you may find the slides useful in your preparations for that meeting, which on this topic will include discussion on “processes and procedures that need to be in place to make the Empowered Community and more importantly ICANN as whole effective. What are priorities?  What needs to be done to make this work more effective, efficient and coordinated?”

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We hope the materials are helpful to you and your respective communities.

Thanks and cheers

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