[council] FW: [Discussion-igo-rc] Mp3, Attendance, AC Recording & AC Chat from the first call on Red Cross identifier protections held on Monday 27 February 2017 at 20:00 UTC.

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Mon Mar 6 19:36:55 UTC 2017

Councilors –

Last week, the GNSO IGO/RC Delegation(*) met with members from the GAC and Board to discuss the issues relating to protecting Red Cross names and identifiers.  In an effort to keep this work open and transparent, please find links to the recordings & transcripts (below), and a list of those in attendance (attached).  This dialogue will continue during our “Facilitated Discussions” in Copenhagen.

Thank you,


(*) Going forward, let’s refer to this group as the “GNSO IGO/RC Delegation.”  As a reminder, this includes the Chairs (Heather, Donna and myself), our liaison to the GAC (Carlos), co-chairs of the current CRP PDP (Phil and Petter) and chair of the prior PDP (Thomas Rickert).

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Subject: [Discussion-igo-rc] Mp3, Attendance, AC Recording & AC Chat from the first call on Red Cross identifier protections held on Monday 27 February 2017 at 20:00 UTC.

Dear All,

Please find attendance attached and below the MP3, Adobe Connect recording and AC chat for the first call on Red Cross identifier protections held on Monday 27 February 2017 at 20:00 UTC.

MP3:  http://audio.icann.org/gnso/gnso-red-cross-identifier-protections-27feb17-en.mp3<http://mailer.samanage.com/wf/click?upn=NrFWbrBstcrPWP369qgbqlXiSKeL20xnUXzI03ZqpssPCUXN8wruIV4Pmqo-2BkDoMi4omDBf6J9WgV8ZRf1yvVJEr8qPZuqDRy2IDLli2vZxQaMPzuY6IgquMNcGv1WQs_nEX-2FaOijqgcJlSz5SkmueJu3tRbmaDiuX89gT35tStEeSHP9whdoceObpMxYsFLQddiMZpQjIv8dk6BsBGSJXH7VWN4SGLCJgbGKCk6E-2FTErjF4OKNQt65Dk9NF54IJ9kQpmDNySj7bbNz9G4dXi5BgbCZotTx8KNfyeB0z00f8KsMfETeTNKd7vy2kKI7tttQUIwid4NAhxXgT3nZYwmsnZhg8oRb6n-2FteFA7a79FVJXvvBPMXBfMFJb5WWIlK5HPKWX4lHdtacSG5fGqUebvpOoj91XUBcTLY0fl7HIwHT49BEZ7VWHRvguhHYdO50nIAgVh1rhAW6YLXD07A-2BgmI90P1ORUlzgMSUW-2BuDnRCAErombmEre-2FPcw0SsjyZpfC3bD49VCwEgGC4TXD06bk4lC2WTXS6UR1vkXo0eojPkCsAR3pos0WrT1d5AZZAM1fjMrHsoVpIp98L-2FjpN8C136hQljNQ8ZIbRmqW8XKgMnU-2F5H0Ld79Kkm1-2B-2Bsex0d>

Adobe Connect recording: https://participate.icann.org/p4m8vt454bv/<https://participate.icann.org/p4m8vt454bv/?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=d2bb332eb83bd37e112e25e7751c52e54fb922234e519726f89516ceebbbd6db>

The recordings and transcriptions are posted on the GNSO Master Calendar page: https://gnso.icann.org/en/group-activities/calendar

** Please let me know if your name has been left off the list **

Mailing list archive: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/discussion-igo-rc/

Wiki page: https://community.icann.org/x/eoPRAw

Thank you.
Kind regards,
Terri Agnew

Adobe Connect chat transcript

  Terri Agnew:Dear all, welcome to the first call on Red Cross identifier protections will take place on Monday 27 February 2017 at 20:00 UTC

  Terri Agnew:agenda wiki page: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_narRAw&d=DwICaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=DRa2dXAvSFpCIgmkXhFzL7ar9Qfqa0AIgn-H4xR2EBk&m=PSnm-MWlYD6Iapexwr0QcIfA05TRD6Ej5PHUVWBCfMM&s=CVBIdnNksclzK-12-1mfR1xQUPiD48wwFp2IecfijKA&e=

  David Olive:Thanks Terri - Welcome All

  Olof Nordling:Hello from warm Brussels - well, compared to Norway;-)

  Chris Disspain:Greetings All

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):Hi all

  Thomas Schneider:Hi all

  Mary Wong:Welcome everyone

  Mary Wong:The draft Process Framework is now up on screen - it is the version with edits from Jorge Cancio (shown in redline).

  Terri Agnew:everyone has scroll control

  Mary Wong:Note that this Process Framework is intended to apply to both topics of discussion - Red Cross identifiers and IGO acronyms - although of course the call today is focused on the Red Cross..

  Donna Austin, RySG:I would add that from the Council perspective we do need to respect our processes in updating any policies

  Mary Wong:IGO acronyms is the topic for reconciliation, siince that is where the GAC advice and GNSO recommendations differ.

  Mary Wong:For Red Cross, it is the National Society names, the two International Movement names and their related acronyms.

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):audio is quite bad

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):difficult to understand

  Donna Austin, RySG:agree Jorge, a lot of background noise

  Terri Agnew:as a reminder, please mute when not speaking. On the telephone press *6 to mute/unmute

  Mary Wong:The GNSO process for amending policies approved by the GNSO Council (but before Board action stage) envisions an actual proposal being referred to the original PDP Working Group for consultation, plus a public comment period on the proposal. Following these steps, the GNSO Council is then expeced to vote on whether to approve the amendment/proposal.

  Mary Wong:It is detailed in Section 16 of the GNSO PDP Manual.

  Donna Austin, RySG:I have nothing to add James

  Heather Forrest:Nothing from me at this stage, thanks, James.

  Heather Forrest:Much thanks to Bruce for raising the point about not intending binding outcomes - indeed James, Donna and I don't have authority under the GNSO Policy Development Process to enforce anything achieved here

  Philip Corwin:The process should recognize the difference between the RC and IGO permanent protection issues, which are the subject of longstanding disagreement between GNSO and GAC -- and the IGO CRP issue, which is the subject of an ongoing PDP that will likely produce a Final Report and recommendations later this year.

  Donna Austin, RySG:Agreed Bruce, it would be good if we could identiy these issues before PDP adopted Council recommendations are provided to the Board

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):I don't think anyone has authority to enforce any outcome - but I feel we have some moral authority or trust from our respective orgs to come out with an agreed outcome and that we all would make good faith efforts to get such outcomes through the formal processes

  Donna Austin, RySG:i think if we can frame it in terms of agreed principles that may be more appropriate than outcomes. It could just be a terminology issues.

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):@Donna: bear with me as a non-native speaker...

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):@James: neither we could tell 170 GAC members what to do - but we can certainly try to convince them

  Donna Austin, RySG:Agreed James, it would be very helpful if we were able to take to the GNSO some basis for reconsidering the recommendations of the original PDP.

  Thomas Schneider:yes, thank you

  James Bladel:Thanks, Bruce.  Well summarized.

  Philip Corwin:My hand is raised

  Terri Agnew:everyone can scroll themselves

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):Just to point out that I haven't been able to really look into the suggestions coming from GNSO last Sunday or Saturday

  James Bladel:Heather is also in the Q

  Mary Wong:@Bruce, that's right, thank you

  Mary Wong:The PDP was initiated in October 2012, and its scope was also based on previous work that had been done, including by a Drafting Team that had worked on some recommendations for Red Cross protections. The PDP concluded in November 2013.

  James Bladel:The recommendations were consdiered and adopted by GNSO Council in November 2013 (Buenos Aires).

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):I'll defer to Thomas Schneider then...

  Bruce Tonkin:I am still learning to chair a call where adobe is used to raise hands :-)     Apologies for missing the raised hands.

  Mary Wong:The PDP Working Group did not include GAC members, but the Red Cross and IGO representatives were actively involved, as was the International Olympic Committee and other NGOs.

  Heather Forrest:It is unfortunate that there was such a misunderstanding at the time of the original PDP that prevented the GAC from participating in that process

  Mary Wong:The Red Cross and IGO representatives each submitted a Minority Statement, which were appended to the Final Report.

  Mary Wong:The Final Report and Minority Statements have summaries of the various proposals considered by the Working Group, and the level of support each received amongst the Working Group.

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):@Bruce/Mary: may I suggest you liaise also with Red Cross to develop such papers - at least for the factual aspects?

  Donna Austin, RySG:It appears a distinction was made between Scope 1 and Scope 2 identifers as they relation to Red Cross names, which appears to be at the heart of the issue.

  Mary Wong:@Jorge, I think the current intent is to send out a draft as was done for the Problem Staement, to allow everyone to review and comment

  Terri Agnew:locating line

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):It is important to get the facts right, but legal analysis is subject to interpretation and, more importantly, this is a matter also of good policy

  Thomas Schneider:@Bruce: Stephane from the ICRC has his hand up...

  Mary Wong:@Thomas, @Jorge, all - to be clear, the draft that Bruce is working on with staff does not attempt legal analysis, but will lay out the protections provided by the Geneva Conventions.

  Bruce Tonkin:The drafts will certainkly be open to review by the members of this group including representatives from the Red Cross to ensure they are factually correct.

  Mary Wong:@Bruce, ok, staff will follow up.

  James Bladel:As previuosly  identified:  Myself, Heather, Donna and Carlos will participate from the GNSO.  PDP chairs (Thomas Rickert and Phil Corwin/Petter Rindforth) may also be asked to speak.

  Thomas Schneider:Bruce, i have a new hand up...

  Philip Corwin:I arrive Thursday and will be around the Accountability CCWG all day Friday. But I will not be a major participant in Saturday's RC discussion.

  James Bladel:Mary, can you collect arrival dates from the GNSO folks?

  Mary Wong:@James, yes

  Petter Rindforth:When will we have a clear agenda for Saturday morning?

  Donna Austin, RySG:Thank you Bruce

  Philip Corwin:Bye all. Safe travel to Copenhagen.

  Markus Kummer:Bye all - good call. Thanks Bruce!

  Jorge Cancio (GAC Switzerland):thanks all!

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