[client com] Notes and Action Items from the Meeting on 19 March + Istanbul Agenda

Grace Abuhamad grace.abuhamad at icann.org
Thu Mar 19 15:42:37 UTC 2015

Dear all, 

Below are the notes and action items from the meeting today. The Adobe
recording and chat transcript are already posted on the Wiki meeting page
here: https://community.icann.org/x/yhYnAw. The transcript and MP3 will be
posted as soon as received.

The current Istanbul agenda is attached. I will make sure to send you any
updates as the agenda develops.


Attendees: Sharon Flanagan; Holly Gregory; Cam Kerry; Josh Hofheimer; Tennie
Tam; Vivek Mohan; Greg Shatan; Maarten Simon; Jonathan Robinson
Apologies: Lise Fuhr
Notes & Action Items
Draft Agenda for Istanbul
* Session with Sidley on day 1 and follow up session on day 2
* Sidley is welcome to join any sessions
* HG: Would be good to hear directly what concerns people (NTIA criteria,
etc). Imagining a whiteboard exercise to define "capture" for example
* JR: There is real values in airing views, and best captured through themes
as Holly outlined earlier
* If we are able to not produce another version of the document, then that's
ideal. We can still provide comments, ask questions, if there are any.
* Sidley will work on something that is summary for presentation. There was
a lot of redundancy in the response due to thw way the questions were asked,
so we would organize the summary differently.
Goals/Outcomes for Istanbul
* What does CWG hope to acheive coming out of Istanbul?
* JR: at high-level, be in a position to produce key parts of the proposal.
We are scheduled to launch a document for public comment shortly after
* HG: Would like to see more focus on what pathways the CWG would like to
explore. Our goal is to help CWG focus in on two or three.
* JR: Important to provide the group with a map of when and where pathways
should be narrowed. Would be useful to build a common understanding.
* JR: It may be possible that the document produced for public comment
includes one or more options
* JH: Is it your expectation that Sidley will be charged with producing the
initial draft (producing recommendation on model)? Or would you like Sidley
to make a recommendation for you to agree/disagree with? Who is going to
make initial recommendation?
* JR: we would be receptive to you making a recommendation. The only risks
are if you're criticized for bias or lack of information
* HG: we provide information and together come to a solution. Imagine an
iterative process here.
Thought exercise on separability concept ("nuclear option")
* JR: Thought exercise: we consider moving IANA away from ICANN (to a 2nd
operator) but what if we need to move to a 3rd, 4th, etc.  Concern that we
are reacting against ICANN and only considering "step 1"
* SF: there would a be lot of documentation needed on the "how" and that's a
huge project on its own
* HG: concept was very clear -- what protects at the next operator and the
one after that and the one after that
* GS: the meta issue here is to focus on the worst case scenario
Discussion of Integrated Model
* SF: What are the highlights? What makes it better?
* GS: It creates a separable model, not necessarily at the moment, but there
for the future
* SF: How is free-standing IANA different from Contract Co. ?
* GS: Contract Co. is a different company
* HG: so, in other words, NTIA could transfer contracting role to ICANN, and
ICANN could contract with IANA. How is this different? How is there more
direction between ICANN/IANA whether inside or outside?
* JF: one variant got more traction with the group than others
Reminder to use Client Committee mailing list for communication.
As a reminder, there will no call next Thursday since the CWG will be in
Istanbul for its F2F meeting.
Action Items
* Complete (Grace): Circulate the Istanbul agenda on Client Committee list
* Action(Grace): Send Client Committee transcript and recording of meeting
where integrated model was presented. https://community.icann.org/x/OAYnAw
* Action(Brenda): Make sure Sidley receives call details for all F2F meeting
* Action(Greg/Jonathan/Lise): read and provide comments on the Sidley memo
so that the document can be revised before Istanbul meeting. Deadline: 18:00
UTC on Friday. Noting that Maarten has already completed this action.
* Action(Sidley): work on summary or presentation form of the document for
the Istanbul 

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