[client com] IANA Budget and ICANN Bylaws

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Thanks. This answers all the open questions.

The beginning of the new wording for 22.4(b) regarding obligations of the PTI Board may fit better in the PTI articles, but we can work through that.

We will re-mark Section 22.4 and mark Annex F to address these additional comments.

Best regards,

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Hi Sharon,

In sharing the final responses with you this morning, our understanding was that your questions on budget items were covered in the responses document, but to be sure, I have been asked to forward a letter that DT-O put together following their call yesterday.


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Subject: [client com] IANA Budget and ICANN Bylaws

Dear All,

Attached is a chart that compares the CWG requirements on budget and the current draft ICANN bylaws.

Can the budget design team review and provide input so we can submit any required bylaws changes to ICANN?

We also understand that Design Team O will review the draft caretaker budgets that are annexes to the current draft Bylaws.



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