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My first take:

The CSC will be governed by the bylaws and its charter. The current draft version of the charter is part of the CWG proposal and is, I presume, used as a basis to draft the bylaws. The charter requires ccNSO and the GNSO (or RySG) in par 1336 and 1337 to strive for a composition of the CWG that has 'to the extend possible, diversity in terms of geography and skill set'.

The question is if 'to the extend possible, diversity in terms of geography and skill set' should be part of the bylaws or part of the charter only. If it should be in the bylaws, than I think it should be in the appointment part as well as in the part that describes the filling of vacancies.

I have no personal preference here.



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Dear All,

ICANN Legal suggested deletion of the new language below regarding the filling of vacancies.  Vacancies are not described in the CWG proposal, so this deletion is not inconsistent with the proposal.  Please confirm the deletion is acceptable.  It also applies to IFRTs and SCWGs.

"A vacancy on the CSC shall be deemed to exist in the event of the death, resignation or removal of any CSC member or liaison.  Vacancies shall be filled by the organization that appointed such CSC member or liaison.  The appointing organization shall provide written notice to the Secretary of its appointment to fill a vacancy, with a notification copy to the Chair of the CSC.  The organization responsible for filling such vacancy shall use its reasonable efforts to fill such vacancy within one month after the occurrence of such vacancy with an individual with a similar skill set and diversity, to the extent practicable."

ICANN Note: There are not diversity or skill requirements for CSC members (the experience requirement of 17.2(a) applies to all selections).  Additionally, requiring the new individual to have similar skill set and diversity as the prior person could lead to unnecessary restrictions on filling vacancies (i.e., if a Japanese engineer is being replaced, does the vacancy have to be filled by another Japanese engineer?).

Given time constraints, we are sending these issues as they are identified.  At this point we have:

- mission/purpose/role issue
- budget line edits
- vacancies


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