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Yuko Green yuko.green at icann.org
Wed Aug 24 16:30:42 UTC 2016

?Dear Sharon and Sidley Team,

During the last CWG call, there was an action item assigned to Sidley for the IANA IPR matter:

ACTION: Sidley to provide CWG with list of issues to be dealt with if ICANN is the chosen signatory.

With the next CWG coming up tomorrow, I wanted to follow up to see where this work may be at this stage. Would you be able to share something with the CWG tomorrow?

For your review, I am providing you with the agenda for tomorrow's CWG call (25 Aug 16 @ 14:00 UTC) below.

1.      Status Update (Chairs)

2.      Implementation Update

·        Staff update

3.      Key Issues (with Sidley)

·        Naming Functions Agreement

·        Services Agreement

·        IANA IPR

4.      Client Committee

5.      AOB

Yuko Green
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