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Dear All,

Attached is our memorandum on ICANN as the potential signatory to the IPR Community Agreement on behalf of the names community.

We look forward to discussing on tomorrow’s call.

Kind regards,


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​Dear Sharon and Sidley Team,

During the last CWG call, there was an action item assigned to Sidley for the IANA IPR matter:

ACTION: Sidley to provide CWG with list of issues to be dealt with if ICANN is the chosen signatory.

With the next CWG coming up tomorrow, I wanted to follow up to see where this work may be at this stage. Would you be able to share something with the CWG tomorrow?

For your review, I am providing you with the agenda for tomorrow’s CWG call (25 Aug 16 @ 14:00 UTC) below.

1.      Status Update (Chairs)

2.      Implementation Update

•        Staff update

3.      Key Issues (with Sidley)

•        Naming Functions Agreement

•        Services Agreement

•        IANA IPR

4.      Client Committee

5.      AOB

Yuko Green

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