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Following on from what was agreed at the most recent CWG meeting of Thursday
last week, the CWG Client Committee met yesterday together with
representatives from Sidley Austin.


Please see below for the key outcomes. The most urgent being the first.





For and on behalf of the CWG Stewardship Client Committee




On CCWG Accountability and CWG Dependencies


Sidley has been involved in certification of both the previous
CCWG-Accountability drafts. We would like to confirm with the CWG that
Sidley will conduct a review of the requirements in the final drafting
stages, before sign-off by the CWG. 

To do this, Sharon from Sidley will need to familiarize herself with the
latest CWG/CCWG discussions, especially on the budget and IRP compromises.
If you do have any significant concerns with this, please let them be known


A schedule / process for dealing with this is proposed as follows: 


Considering that our next CWG meeting may be too far ahead of the CCWG's
finalisation schedule, we suggest adjustments to the CWG schedule, Sharon's
schedule permitting, as follows: 

-        Sharon will join the DT-O call on Tuesday 9 February at 20:00 UTC
for an explanation and update on the discussion regarding the budget
requirement. If she is unable to join, we will make sure to pass along the
recording and transcript. 

-        We will organize a special CWG-Sidley call to explain and discuss
how the CCWG is implementing the IRP requirement. This call will take place
on Thursday or Friday this week, to be scheduled based on a Doodle poll. 


On Bylaws


Sidley's view is that the bulk of the work will be completed once they have
reviewed our answers to their questions and integrated these into their
draft. They feel strongly that it make sense and will be most cost-effective
to keep the document whole and to not slim it down prior to having the full
scope and content included. Therefore the next steps proposed are as


-        The CWG continues work on responses needed for Bylaws matrix

-        The CWG shares draft responses with Sidley for review only. Sidley
will remain in review-mode, and not implement the responses until both sides
are satisfied with the detail of the responses provided).

-        Once responses are final, Sidley embeds the responses into the
Bylaws matrix.

-        The Client Committee will review the Bylaws matrix to ensure that
the work is consistent with the CWG's responses. 

-        The matrix is then shared with ICANN for an opportunity to
review/comment on the CWG-Sidley Bylaws matrix before the next step. 

-        ICANN assists with the organization/structure of the Bylaws in
their final form, including assisting with moving parts of the Sidley detail
into external reference documents (annexes, etc). 
This will be done in coordination with the CWG. 



CWG Meetings


Our next call is scheduled for 18 February, but we are likely postpone this
call to the following week (25 February). It is important at this stage to
focus our efforts on the CCWG dependencies. Please look for a re-scheduling
notice from Brenda. 



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