[client com] Notes from Client Committee Meeting #18 - 8 February 2016

Grace Abuhamad grace.abuhamad at icann.org
Mon Feb 8 23:21:27 UTC 2016

Dear all ‹

Here below are the notes from the Client Committee Call ‹ They are also
available on the Wiki at: https://community.icann.org/x/34xYAw.

Client Committee Meeting #18 - 8 February 2016 @ 17:00 UTC

Update from CWG-Stewardship on Bylaws responses
Clarify Sidley's role in working on the Bylaws
Update on budgeting and fee estimates
Sidley's role in certification of CCWG dependencies

Attendees: Sharon Flanagan; Holly Gregory; Lise Fuhr; Maarten Simon;
Jonathan Robinson; Greg Shatan

Bylaws work: 

CWG has been working to respond/address the "Notes to CWG" that Sidley
raised in its initial Bylaws matrix. The CWG is almost done with this work.
CWG has requested/envisioned a shorter version of the Bylaws (with
references to external documents), but still would answer the questions as
Sidley prefers to do the shortening at a later date. In terms of costs, it
would be more efficient for Sidley to insert the responses rather than
shorten at the outset.
Greg suggests that Sidley indicate (with brackets or otherwise) which parts
could be removed later (in a shorter Bylaws version)
Holly disagrees with the purpose of this suggestion: need to capture what
CWG wants first, and need for completeness. Greg's suggestion may add cost.
On CSC Charter example: this is a document that the CWG has discussed moving
out of the Bylaws, but Sharon notes that there needs to be a decision about
how to modify this Charter, and that decision may be in the Bylaws.

Action (Client Committee): Client Committee to share the CWG's responses
once more work is completed on the CWG side. Sidley will review, but not
implement at this stage. This will help the CWG provide more information for
certain responses if needed.

Costs update: 

Context: There has been a significant over-run of costs, and the Board is
concerned. With this information, ICANN has offered to draft the first
version of the Bylaws for Sidley to review. Possible arguments from ICANN
include knowledge of ICANN Bylaws and thus, lower costs.
Sidley is aware of the sensitivity around costs. Sidley has drafted a
significant portion of the Bylaws to date, and Holly now wonders if this
work is moot. Holly does not think a cap in costs is possible at this stage.
The bulk of the work on the Bylaws is done. It's fine tuning at this stage

Next Steps on Bylaws (including consideration of costs):

CWG continues work on responses
CWG shares resposes with Sidley for review
Sidley embeds the responses into the Bylaws document
Client Committee reviews the Bylaws document
ICANN is provided with an opportunity to review/comment on the CWG-Sidley
Bylaws document
ICANN assists with the organization/structure of the Bylaws in their final
form, including assisting with moving parts of the Sidley detail into
external reference documents (annexes, etc).

Sidley's role in certification of CCWG dependencies:

Sidley has been involved on certification in both of the previous drafts
On the latest IRP draft, Sharon cannot speak to whether the requirements
have been met, since she has not been involved in the discussion and
compromises. This may be a concern for future involvement. Need to figure
out a tracking solution.
CWG will be asked to certify and sign-off on the final draft
Final review will be too late if there are substantive issues to address.

Action: Confirm with CWG that Sidley would conduct a review of the
requirements in the final drafting stages, before sign-off by the CWG.
Sharon could conduct a review and come back to CWG on next call (18
February) for discussion if needed. Depending on timing, online discussion
could be a compromise.

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