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We need to consider this question and how to answer it.  I would say the
following right now:

1.  It's premature, since we (this group) have not yet discussed or
analyzed what we learned on the call.
2.  I'ts premature, since the full CWG-IANA has not done the same.
3.  It's premature, because it depends on how the IETF Trust reacts to the
Community Agreement (and to a somewhat lesser extent, the License
Agreement).  In other words, the Trust is not really suitable, but we can
hopefully make it acceptable through the Community Agreement and the
License Agreement, unless the IETF Trust refuses to do so.

I realize we don't have much time before the call tomorrow at 14:00 UTC,
but some thoughts from this group would be useful.  I would be willing to
get on a prep call before the main call, but I realize that's short notice,
especially since the Europeans are late in the evening, and the prep call
would be quite early for the U.S. West Coasters (making availablity
awkward).  Absent that, some written reflections would be helpful.


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Does the names community now agree that the IETF Trust is an acceptable
home for the IANA IPR, or is there still any doubt?

Alan Barrett
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