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Flanagan, Sharon sflanagan at sidley.com
Fri Mar 11 01:53:01 UTC 2016

Dear Jonathan and Lise,

Thank you for forwarding to us the CWG input on the CWG-related draft ICANN bylaws.  We will revise the bylaws to reflect that input and have the revised draft to you by the 18th.

Kind regards,
Holly and Sharon


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From: Jonathan Robinson [mailto:jrobinson at afilias.info]
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2016 3:15 AM
To: Flanagan, Sharon; 'Lise Fuhr'
Cc: Gregory, Holly; 'Client'
Subject: RE: ICANN Bylaws Drafting

Dear Sharon,

Please can you proceed to incorporate the attached into your next draft which will then be transmitted to ICANN Legal for further co-operative work.

Please note that the turnaround time for this work requires that we need your updated document to be returned to the client committee (and therefore ICANN Legal & the CWG) no later than 23h59 UTC on Friday 18th March.

In addition, please be aware that we will require you to represent the CWG in any co-operative drafting of bylaws with ICANN Legal (to the extent that they pertain to the work of the CWG Stewardship).

We note here that ICANN Legal is aware of our requirement to ensure that subsequent drafts of these bylaws are kept to a minimum practical size.


Lise & Jonathan
CWG Stewardship Co-Chairs

From: Flanagan, Sharon [mailto:sflanagan at sidley.com]
Sent: 09 March 2016 01:42
To: jrobinson at afilias.info<mailto:jrobinson at afilias.info>; 'Lise Fuhr' <Fuhr at etno.eu<mailto:Fuhr at etno.eu>>
Cc: Gregory, Holly <holly.gregory at sidley.com<mailto:holly.gregory at sidley.com>>; Client <cwg-client at icann.org<mailto:cwg-client at icann.org>>
Subject: ICANN Bylaws Drafting

Dear Jonathan and Lise,

Holly and I wanted to check in with you on the ICANN bylaws drafting process for CWG.    We understand that the ICANN bylaws drafting is now on a fast track.  We know CWG was working on responses to the questions we posed in our draft bylaws.  Could you please let us know when we should expect those responses and what next steps will be?

Best regards,


+1 415 772 1271
sflanagan at sidley.com<mailto:sflanagan at sidley.com>

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