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First of all: Happy new year and all the very best!

Please find my answer to the survey enclosed. 



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Dear all, 
In order to help frame our work during the Intensive Work Weekend (10-11 
January), we will put together a survey for the CWG based on suggestions 
proposed during the Public Comment. 
We present the draft now, so that the group can review and give their 
feedback. Please be aware that it is a very early draft.
You may use the mailing list of course, but Greg Shatan has also offered 
to use the RFP3 call on Friday 2 January at 14:00 UTC as an opportunity 
for discussion. We will review the feedback following the RFP3 call and 
expect to put out the survey to the group on Friday 2 January. This gives 
the group just 7 days to complete the survey in time for the Intensive 
Work Weekend. 
As with all the CWG work to date, we realize that this is a short 
turnaround time, but would appreciate the guidance in order to make the 
Intensive Work Weekend as productive as possible. 
Happy New Year 
Best regards,
Lise & Jonathan[Anhang "IANA CWG Poll Questions for the CSC  MRT Draft 
14.12.30.docx" gelöscht von Jörg Schweiger/Denic] 
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