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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Jan 11 21:50:43 UTC 2015


I read the notes, but did not find my answer there.

So I will ask.

One of the points I was trying to bring up during session 3 is that
different models might place different accountability requirements on
ICANN. With the Contract Co type of model, ie. an independent holder of
a contract that could be reassigned, since an RFP is always pending that
remains a final accountability backstop on any organization holding the
IANA contract, in this case ICANN.  In some way that lessens the urgency
for iron clad, irrevocable accountability measures  (including some
proposals that include Board oversight mechanisms) that seem to be
fundamental requirements  in the variety of internal models.  And even
in the cases that we might argue that maximalist accountabilty
mechanisms is a good thing no matter which path CWG chooses, it may move
some requirements from CCWG track 1 to CCWG track 2. That is the
accountability mechanisms that need to be in place before we can go
forward with the transition may vary depending on the model we choose.

Note, I am not trying to make the case on which is easier or less
expensive at this point - all proposals need further development to
figure out costs and we still need to come to terms with what the full
cost to registrants, registrars, and registries (the 3Rs) the current
IANA setup is while it is integrated into the ICANN budget.   At this
point, I am just concerned that we collect the information with this
type of evaluation in mind.

So I am hoping that in the quest to list the accountability requirements
we take that into account.  I also think we need to take that into
account when we measure costs over time, both for setup costs and
recurring/operating costs.

In any case I am willing to help Alan with the task of collecting and
collating these various requirements.  Would have volunteered on the
spot had I been in the meeting. In the CCWG Accountability, I have taken
responsibility as coordinator/rapporteur for Work Area 3: Review Issues
Identified by CWG-Stewardship - so I am fully committed to this bit of
XCWG work.

and apologies for missing this important session.


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