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You’re right, Greg. There are abstract elements to accountability that apply across domains. My point was not to discourage anyone from reading the report but just to not confuse IANA and ICANN accountability.

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I think the report is actually quite instructive for the CWG.  While the ASEP was examining current ICANN accountability structures, which largely cover "ICANN as policy maker and enforcer," much of the substance of the report deal with improving aspects of those structures that are not unique to that subject matter.  Rather, they are issues of general applicability to any accountability structure.  As such, they highlight a number of issues we would need to deal with, e.g., when fleshing out the IAP.  As such, I would not discourage anyone in the CWG from looking at this report for what it's worth.


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Appreciate your recommendation of the report, but that report was focused on the accountability of ICANN as policy maker and enforcer – and as you have probably heard me say before, policy accountability and IANA functions accountability are two very different things. Let’s never get them blurred together or confused.


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This may be of interest to our group as well.

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Hello All,

From the ATRT1 review, the Board created the Accountability Structures Expert panel (ASEP)  to recommend improvements to the current accountability structures.

I have attached their final report from:  https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/report-26oct12-en.pdf from October 2012.

It may be of some use to this group.

Some points I picked out from their recommendations:

The Four Es:

•  Enhancing effectiveness of structures

•   Efficiency in process

•    Allowing expeditious resolution

•    Enhancing community’s ease of access to accountability structures

“The Board must always act with objectivity and fairness in the best interests of ICANN, but in doing so take account of the legitimate needs, interests and expectations of stakeholders material to the issue being decided. Staff must act in same manner."

Create stability through building of precedent

Where possible, reduce burden and costs to those accessing structures

Accountability structures should not preclude any party from filing suit against ICANN in court of competent jurisdiction


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