[CWG-Stewardship] Notes and Action Items from 14 Jan RFP3B conference call

Brenda Brewer brenda.brewer at icann.org
Fri Jan 16 23:30:37 UTC 2015

Dear all, 


The notes, recordings and transcripts for the RFP3B Call on 14 January are available here:


Notes and Action Items

1. Welcome and roll call

Adobe connect list as member present. No one on audio only


2. Background

Specific concerns around Contract Co. two submissions explicit alternate proposals ( ALAC and AUDA)


Purpose of Sub-working group

Develop alternate proposal to "Frankfurt Proposal"


Approach to tasks at hand 

Relationship to RFP 3

Convenient to use same terminology, however be mindful of evolution. Comment, MRT could be like a
new Supporting Organization. IANA function to be overseen by similar committee like current
Nominating Committee. 

Start with alternative for Contract Co.

Steve Crocker: 4 pieces to puzzle

1.     What mechanism should be in place

2.     lack of clarity around what IANA Function is.  IAAN Function is clerical function. Not policy
decision. Decision to make delegation or re-delegation is outside. This is tool to make 

3.     lack of clarity of what separation. Decision to make what goes into root zone are made by
ICANN, is it meaningful if clerical is outside 

4.     what are criteria to make judgment of separation


Question what is minimal proposal to make this work

Interpretation of IANA Function Contract: (Intended) Clear separation between policy decision and
clerical action 

Upstream decision should not be interpreted as IANA decision

Resistance to perception that IANA is operational. and what are for example new gTLDs is policy
decision. Use IANA operational function as leverage of policy function. 


Policy development

*       Judgment within policy

*       Decision on Amazon or Vine are policy decision ( value decision). IANA process after

*       Independence from the Board: there should be some group that has unfettered access to
function, alternate to NomCom, root signing process. Group could be CSC like. 

*       Separation discussion is revisit of discussion 15 years ago. Signal for ICANN Board to look
into calls for separation

*       Need for clean and clear distinction between policy and execution/operation. Policy
definition is blurred band blurs discussion. Start with clear definition of IANA Function.

*       Focus discussion on ALAC and Auda proposal as starting point (one variant)

*       Comment Becky: IAP and other items are reflection of not getting at policy execution and not
at operations on the other hand. Focusing on operations is starting point.

*       Comment AG on ALAC proposal: need for more details are needed to meet requirement of RFP 3
required by ICG.ALAC proposal principles far more important than details 

What should be focus of RFP 3B

*       Greg Shatan, coordinator RFP 3: Focusing on alternate approach without Contract Co, may
ultimately change way how MRT and CSC are viewed. By focusing on all directly would slow down
process overall. 

*       Suggestion is to focus first on alternate for Contract Co and contract. Short term viable
discussion on alternate of Contract Co.

*       Steve Crocker: Is focus on non-contracting co?  this will not address core of the problem

*       Greg Shatan: start again with functional discussion. Structure follows function

*       Start of functional analysis: After understanding what IAN Functions are: determine specific
risks/issues. (what if IANA does not follow instruction) or does not perform well, then look for
mitigating measures.

*       The risks are in area of decision making area. The decisions should be out of IANA. After
transition this should be clarified. 

*       Background for agenda and proposal, based on comment and issues with raised in public
comments focus on Contract Co. or go back ground work.

*       Suggestion by taking out Contract Co. as mechanism problem can be redefined, and mitigating

*       Duty to investigate all proposal and understanding ramifications of these proposals.
Understanding benefits and down side, to inform the ccTLD and gTLD operators to make a reasoned

*       Issue is where and by whom will be examination be done. RFP 4 should do stress test and
understand ramifications. Purpose of RFP 3b is to build proposal that is build around alternative
proposal RFP 3b. Functional analysis includes 3 aspects: clear about IANA Function , role of NTIA in
relation to IAN Function and functional alternate to Contract Co

Proposal for functional analysis

- ICANN performs IANA function under contract, what is alternate?


Auda proposal

- Elements not to be addressed by this group (less relevant), such as CSC and MRT aspects, or rebid

Current naming function operation done well. Naming function, is narrow this focuses approach.
Contract Co  approach is too broad. "Nuclear option", although causes may be highly unlikely they
should be developed. Analogy and principle are similar to relation between Auda and Australian
government. Suggested approach something like "golden bylaw" Definition of power

Singular difference: a single government overseeing. This difference should drive to a different
type of solution. 

Resolve issue what is discussed in one group or another

If something goes wrong, first step is to have a discussion. Further if something goes really wrong,
there will uproar and as a results in changes, next step is to secure  

No single government argument

Focus must be actual functions and incentive to make it work, and reduce the risk of capture to
capturing it.

Need to define parameters the IANA Function needs to be performed and what will happen if not
preformed adequately.

Need to take have a look functions again

Action Allan: look with staff at functional analysis to be presented to the group

Specific reason for creation of this group: come up with a proposal without contract Co and
contract. as alternative 

Next call to accommodate those whose who are in Frankfurt


Action Allan: look with staff at functional analysis to be presented to the group



The next call after Frankfurt is Wednesday 21 January - 21:00 - 23:00 UTC


Kind regards,



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